Review On Affiliate Income WordPress Widget

Blogging for income, affiliate income on WordPress or other blog platforms has gone mainstream. As an example, WordPress is the preferred blog vehicle as it is easy to setup, there are a myriad of themes to furnish your niche market and there are tons of cool plugins to customize and enhance your blog to maximize SEO and affiliate earnings.

PopShops WordPress Plugin For Affiliate Income
So speaking of affiliate income.. what comes to mind is Adsense, Chitka, Kontera etc etc. that will earn you cash to enable you to continue blogging. Well, there is a new option available, PopShops offers a free to download plugin that allows you to earn affiliate income from popular online merchant exchanges.

PopShops allows bloggers to setup an instant widget storefront, directly on their WordPress blog. Popshops utilizes the latest Web 2.0 technologies such as Ruby-On-Rails and AJAX to bring your blog an instant display of affiliate products related to your particular niche that visitors can click and purchase.

So if you are a WordPress blogger interested in setting up a popshop widget storefront, apply for the PopShop plugin, install the plugin, then:
1. You can pick from over 24 million products from a variety of affiliate networks.. the most prominent being Commission Junction, Performics, ShareASale. and Linkshare
2. Choose a product that suits your niche
3. Embed the PopShops storefront code into your WP blog

PopShop allows bloggers to make additional income by providing an alternate service for their readers to choose from. If your not using WordPress, also supports other platforms such as: Squidoo, Blogger, Tyepad.


There are three levels of plans offered by PopShops.
– The basic account is totally free
– A Pro account is $5/month
– An Enterprise account is $30/month

See Account details on the signup page.

If you just interested in adding a few shops to your blog or site, choose the Free Basic.

The commissions for any products that are sold is paid directly to you through the merchant service such as Commission Junction, LinkShare etc. After your PopShops account is created, signup for the merchants if you already don’t have an account already and create a new PopShop shop.

Go to WordPress Plugin for more details and to request the alpha plugin download.

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