Review On – Was Site Stealer Really Banned From Clickbank… If So Why?

First of all, this is their spin on an effective marketing blueprint that many of the successful internet marketers use and is not about stealing sites at gunpoint or hijacking websites and somehow embedding your PayPal link on other websites. Nothing like that. They’ve taken the “big bad gangster” approach and have adopted that persona to make you think that you’ll be doing something illegal, like putting out a contract on successful website owners and stealing their site.

=> Learn How To Steal Sites – Legally

There is a buzz from other internet marketers that this ebook and website has been banned from selling on Clickbank as well as other online merchant processing sites. That could very well be true but it could also been done on purpose to create further controversy. The payment processor they chose was Paydotcom, which is still a very valid reliable popular site for online marketers to use.

So if it was banned from Clickbank, it is not because the content is illegal and against the law, but most likely because ClickBank looked at their sales page presentation, and judging by the headline, decided it could be too highly controversial and possibly illegal for their tastes. That obliviously poses a “red flag” for Clickbank as it could potentially mean a ton of refunds for them, what they don’t want. Keep in mind that Clickbank does not have the time or resources to read the actual ebooks.They just scan and skim the sales pages and the header description and then make a judgment based on that. So most likely they looked at the SiteStealer sales page and decided to give it a pass.

=> Learn How To Steal Sites – Legally

SiteStealer consists of a 75-page ebook in PDF format as well as a number of bonuses including:


– Samples of 229 headlines for you to use/review for your own sales pages.
– Headline Creator Pro Software, An application that asks you a series of questions about the product you wish to promote and then generates headlines based on your answers.
– The $7 eBook Secrets report as well as the scripts that go along with them.
– A series of videos on how to create your own resale rights product as well as tips on sales page creation.

If you’ve read the SiteStealers sales page, you’ll probably get the general idea of what the program and ebooks are basically about: Which is selling products online by “borrowing” (legally) ideas and methods from successful websites. They break it down into 5 different levels:

Level 1. Analyzing and rewriting top producing results orientated headlines.
Level 2. Methods on how to swipe entire sales pages. (legally)
Level 3. How to borrow the entire website model.
Level 4. Why and how to purchase resale rights of a product.
Level 5. How to create your own products so others can “steal” from you.

SiteStealer is a compilation of successful methods that has been used for decades by various traditional print media and online marketers, with emphasis on the use of resale rights and PLR products.

Would this product be of any help to you as an internet marketer?
1. Yes… If you do not fully understand what resale rights are and how you can use them effectively to their full potential
2. Yes… If you need a blueprint checklist and a step-by-step breakdown of how you can create and market your own products
3. Yes… If you want to peek into how successful product launches are done from scratch to finish

This is not a bad deal at all for $37, if you are interested in a “step by step” program to creating websites based on existing successful website models. There is not really anything new or ground breaking revealed here, but that is the genesis and the foundation of the ebook and program. Which is… “There is nothing new under the sun” etc etc. The real live examples and the detailed experiences that are described in the ebook make this an usable and worthwhile purchase. The price point of $37 is also attractive as comparible products, concepts, programs has sold for a lot higher.

=> Learn How To Steal Sites – Legally

WARNING ALERT:… Price Increase Effective Friday July 20th/07

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