Review On The Latest Way To Lose Weight Fast ‘The Cookie Diet” By Dr Siegal

I want a cookie. I want a cookie right now. I want the diet kookie.. err cookie baked by the Cookie Diet doctor, Dr. Siegal. It’s the latest craze in the million and one ways to lose flab off your gut. A Cookie diet, who would of thunk it. This latest diet program on the surface, allows you to stuff your face all day with Oreo’s, but not so. The lure of the Cookie Diet has you thinking that you can now eat unhealthy amounts of fat laden cookies and still burn the pounds off. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is. But in the meantime, I’ll take a few dozen cookies right now, its snack time.

Sounds like bit of a fantasy for those who unfortunately pack a little extra poundage, to chow down on your favorite cookie and still lose weight? So let me ease you off your marshmallow cloud, burst the chocolate chip cookie rainbow – this cookie diet is about eating Dr. Siegal’s exclusive cookies only, and not the fat drenched yummy cookies that comes in packages of 36. These cookies in Dr Seigals cookie diet can be thought of as gigantic ‘diet’ pills, labeled cookie. They are stuffed and baked with certain food proteins that actually suppresses the appetite.

How Does The Diet Cookie Work
So this is essentially how the cookie diet works. You eat up to 6 of these special cookies, they then suppress your hunger appetite throughout the day. This combined with a low calorie, high protein diet. The secret of the cookie diet is that you are only digesting 800 calories a day. The cookies by all accounts do not taste that great. The cookie diet is only a cookie by name, and not your traditional sugar laced hyper high. These cookies have an ulterior motive, you munch down these diet cookies and they sort of inflate, as in expand in your stomach, thus making you not feel hungry. They include all the essential proteins so your body thinks it’s digesting real food.

Does this cookie diet work? Most diet docs agree that losing weight is all about calorie control, so since the low calorie count is the main purpose of the diet, you should lose weight. But on the other hand, if you starve your body to just 800 calories a day, it will go into starvation mode and will automatically begin to conserve energy and then slows down your metabolism. Slowing down metabolism means that your body won’t burn calories as fast it used to, so if you stop the cookie diet, you are likely to regain all that weight you lost.

The good thing about Dr. Siegal’s diet cookies are that they are made from real food, they do not contain drugs or chemical additives, so from that standpoint they cannot harm you. But 800 calories is to low and hard on your body over a long period of time. Also, the cookies that you buy exclusively from Dr. Seigal, are not exactly cheap. A week’s supply of these cookies can cost up to $70 for the required 42 cookies you need to consume.

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet A Dieter’s Dream
Eat a whole bunch of cookies and lose weight? Yum

The truth is that you can’t fill your face with your mom’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies all day and expect to get skinny. The secret is eating just the specially formulated cookies by the cookie doctor.

The Cookie Diet website admits that eating the cookies are not very tasty. They taste ok, but “real delicious cookies make people fat”, is their logic. When was the last time you’ve eaten through an entire box of Soda crackers?


Is The Cookie Diet Recommended?
The cookie diet is way too low in calories, which is not good for most people. Dietitians suggest that you should digest at least 1200 calories daily, more if you are active. With less calories, your body thinks it’s starving. This creates the “yo-yo” diet effect which harms your metabolism. Once you stop, you will regain the weight.

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