Review On Thoof – A Web 2.0 Personalized News Sharing Site

Thoof is a socially aggregated link sharing site that provides personalized news, articles, videos or photos from blogs and/or websites based on your personal preferences. This instead of displaying information based on what the editors or other readers choose depending on a community rating system. Thoof selects and personalizes information that suits your particular tastes only. This is determined on your past behavior on what you’ve read on the Thoof site as compared to what the rest of the community reads.

Thoof’s website layout does not have specific topic categories or a readership bookmarking system of their favorite news articles, blog posts, videos clips or favorite photographs like other similar Web 2.0 based “peer to peer” sharing sites. Thoof does however have a search box as well as a tagging system for easily identifying related news stories.

Thoof tracks its readership habits and favorites by a “built in” user identification tracking algorithm that relies on story personalization based on your reading habits. The system tracks the story links and subject topics that you’ve clicked and read and then attempts to deliver news links based those related interests.

There is also a “ThoofRank” system that grades how popular a particular article post is based on the readership community of Thoof. Registration is an easy anonymous process where just a valid email, confirmation and password is required. I submitted a recent post from my blog and it was a straight forward process where a title, url link and the content of the story (a simple copy and paste) including identification tags was all that was required. After submitting, there is a small linkback HTML code you place on the original source of the article. The ThoofRank badge tracks the popularity and readership of your post based on the Thoof readers. The percent % ranking increases once members have had a chance to read your submitted post.


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