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TrialPay is taking steps towards a cashless payment system. TrialPay offers you an alternative to paying cash for a tangible or digital product or service that you are interested in buying! So instead of whipping out your credit card or using PayPay, Trialpay offers you the opportunity to receive that product for free. Well almost free. TrialPay asks you instead to sign-up for and receive, in most cases free trial products or services in lieu of paying cash.

So whats required is you simply take advantage of one of TrialPay’s advertiser partner’s offers. The sign up offers can involve receiving or trying out brand name products or services which may include: diet products, video rentals or even signing up as a member for eBay. These require no cash outlay on your behalf, just your participation.

Case Senerio:
Say you are interested in purchasing an ebook on “How To Make Money On eBay”. You read the sales page and find that product sells for $22. They accept the following payment methods: Clickbank, Paypal and TrialPay.

You can pay via creditcard using Clickbank or Paypal, or you can receive that ebook by signing up for a service that is offered by TrialPay. Say for this example that TrialPay requires you to sign-up to become a member of eBay to receive the $22 ebook. Would you do it? Of course you would. You receive the ebook just for signing up for a free offer.

This is a Win, Win, Win Situation
The Customer – in this case, receives the ebook for Free, just for signing up to become an eBay member
The Website Owner/Merchant – receives payment for his ebook by the CPA payment offered by eBay for new member sign ups (which is around $20 to $25)
Participating Advertisers – In this case, Ebay – benefits by acquiring a new member and gladly pays out commission for the lead

You have absolutely nothing to lose by accepting and participating in one of the various offers offered by TrialPay. If you are already a member of ebay, then there are other fantastic free offers or trials that you can participate in to receive the ebook.


If You Are A Merchant Or Website Owner – Sign Up For Free Today
TrialPay’s new and unique payment platform will significantly increase your conversion rates by matching your prospective customers/buyers with their preferred brands. TrialPay allows you to leverage the brand recognition of their advertisers including: (Blockbuster, The Wall Street Journal, the Gap, just to mention a few), to help convert your customers. The customer using one of these advertisers for free, in return receives your product for free. The advertiser pays you a (CPA) Cost Per Acquisition commission that equals or exceeds the price for your product.

Advertisers Benefit From Acquiring New Focused Customers

TrialPay will connect you, the advertiser, with high-quality focused, in the buying mood, customers through the various premium merchant sites. This creates one of the most effective Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) advertising mediums available today.

Customers Get Products For Free
With TrialPay, you can participate in an offer from a brand name product and get the original product for free. TrialPay pays the merchant with advertising revenue from the product or service you participate in.

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