Review On – Create Free Unlimited Interactive “Cards” That Everyone Can Contribute To
is a new social interaction site with an unique twist. This Free to join site allows you to create an online e-card for celebration and recognition of events such as: anniversaries, births, birthdays, holidays, children, weddings and any other event or topic that you feel deserves a personalized online tribute.

Once you’ve created a tribbit e-card for yourself or for someone else, ie: create a tribute for someone who just graduated, just had a birthday, a baby or wedding anniversary and then notify and invite everyone important to that person being recognized to contribute to the tribute by adding their own comments, photos, videos etc.

How Many Tributes Can I Create?
You are welcome to create as many Tribbit Tributes as you like for as many people, events or things that you want to recognize. This can be a creative social interaction event as you can get things started and then invite friends and family members to help you out. They can help by posting photos or contributing some great stories etc. You can also set a due date for your tribute notifying them that their contribution has to be submitted by a certain date.

How Do I Notify My Tribute To Someone?
When you are satisfied and have finished gathering all your submissions, you can then present the group tribute to the intended person by clicking the “Present Your Tribute” link. You will be asked to enter the intended party’s email address, along with a personal message.

Once that person receives the email, they can then view the group tribute. If they wish to send a “Thank You” to everyone who has contributed, they can easily do so by registering with tribbit and begin by sending out a big “Hugs and Kisses” Thank You Thank You Thank You… to everyone who contributed.

How Can I Invite People To Contribute To A Tribbit?
When you first create a tribute for someone, you will be directed to a page that allows you to download a list or enter individual email addresses of the person you are tributing. The email will ask for contributions as well as the deadline for when the tribute recognition has to be submitted by.


So How Do I Create An Online Free Tribute?
1.) First Sign-Up, and then Select a template design, title for the tribute, write a introduction, the occasion and a photo of the person you are tributing.
2.) Then invite all their friends or family members to add to the tribute by contributing to the tribbit with: comments, photos, videos or a voice message.
3.) You can then present the tribute to the person as an unique gift at an event ie: birthday party, anniversary etc.

So get started and get Tribitting Today…
Celebrate a birth announcement online, complete with photos, text, voice, stories. Free! –

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