Review On “Wanted” The Movie

A movie like “Wanted” is just cool slick summertime mindless movie fun which portrays real life human cartoon hero’s including super dudes and dudettes, who do unknown fantasy laced underground activities such as being hired assassins killing baddies. Which translates to… they are not accountants.

So “Wanted” takes you on a wild mindless ride of real life fantasy, the ultra violence is non stop mind racing impressive. The total wreckage of human life and twisted metal is visually portrayed in vivid gory glorified detail. Timur Bekmambetov, has had previous success in the Russian market with his spectacular action kill people in volume thrillers which the popcorn munching Euro movie goers embrace.

The movie is based on a comic book by Mark Millar, about a fraternity of hired assassins founded over a thousand years ago. Their sole purpose is to kill the bad-ass baztards out there. Thankfully these assassins don’t have any idiotic super powers, they are as human as they come. The flick is however filled with endless special effects, CGI and spectacular stunts only possible by animation.

It is a mindless heart pounding, sweat inducing action flick that has a plot hard to believe, but then, who really cares. Just put your mind into super action cruise control, hang onto to your seat and view it as a video game using live action figures. Oh did I mention it stars Angelina Jolie.

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