Review On – Get Rich Spending Real Money In A Virtual World

Alright, so what if it’s virtual, here is your chance and a real opportunity to own something, something of real value, well.. sort of. You can buy, sell or trade virtual cities, buildings, companies, domain names and anything else of value via Weblo is described as a parallel virtual world where ownership of anything of value is possible. This site has been described as the internet’s version of “Monopoly, but on steroids,”.

This game, and yes you read right, uses real hard cold cash.
Here is the basics on how Weblo works:
Be the first person to virtually register either a piece of property, or a city or even a state and Weblo gives you the ownership of that entity. If you buy as an example a city, you will then be named its virtual mayor. Any place on earth that has an address is up for grabs: This includes the Empire State Building, your old hospital, your own house.

The property’s initial value is determined by a price index that takes into consideration the city or states real population and economy. It’s a game that anyone can participate in, have fun and even earn money. You can pick up some cities for as low as $10, buying a whole state in the US using real cash can cost you thousands. If you buy property on Weblo and follow their game plan, which involves “developing” your virtual site with relevant information to increase its value, it is possible to make money in a few ways. If you for example buy property in California, you can post maps as well as photos of famous landmarks such as Disney World or Hollywood etc. Showcasing and profiling the major attractions can increase the value of your property if you want to resell.

Weblo offers you paid incentive if you create a good showcase site. They will share ad revenue with owners who has a popular site. The more visitors that your site attracts, the more money you will earn. You can also resell the virtual property and site and make a profit. There is an example in the video of a Weblo member who originally bought Seattle for $40 and then resold it for $2,000. has recently received $3.1 million in funding (yes, in real cash), from Vantage-Point Venture Partners. The fact that Weblo was even able to raise this additional funding from a venture capitalist firm states that they are on the right track and there is some substance to their idea.


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