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wireclubSocial networking sites happen to be one of the most misunderstood and underrated communication mediums on the internet. They are often blamed as places where teens constantly chat and flirt, individuals stalk for vulnerable and unaware kids and where online philandering of both sexes practice their prowess. The true nature, intent and evolution of social networking sites lies somewhere in between.

The new wave of social networking sites such as are based on the informal online meeting of like minded individuals with similar interests such as: art, business, food and travel. WireClub has categorized a variety of interests they call “Interest Clubs” and merged them with like individuals who come from different geographical, cultural and ideological boundaries and can meet and discuss issues of mutual interest on a single platform. The ability of viewing instant profiles, blogging ideas and free chat rooms is a welcomed feature on WireClub. If you have interests in any of these categories, or are in the process of building an online friendship or possible romance based on your criteria, then a visit to this site may well be worth the time and effort. WireClub appears to be concerned with the quality of members and traffic rather than the quantity as displayed on other networking sites.

The popularity of is expanding due to its instant online ability to present and view: current member photos, instant profiles, personal preferences, location and free chat rooms to immediately converse with someone of interest. You can join “interest” clubs with like minded others for discussion or meet and safely interact for friendship or love.

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WireClub is a FREE Social Networking site with unique online chat rooms allowing immediate conversations with friends or other members you just met, blogs if you want to broadcast your thoughts, interest “Clubs” to meet new friends who share the same hobbies or topics as you. The ability to quickly add online friends allows you to keep a database of the new friends you meet on If you are looking for more, like turning that friendship into a romance, Wireclub allows a safe environment for meeting singles in your immediate area for chat before meeting live.

Registration is easy and very straight forward. After registration, set up your personal profile, upload the great photos of yourself, and you’re set to chatup new friends. cures the pain of finding friends online. It’s completely free (Free is so GOOD!)no annoying advertising and no upgrade FEES. Easily and painlessly get to know friends online without the hassle. Just offer a simple ‘Hi’ with someone new without the commitment to go beyond that. If you know or have made friends via WireClub, you can also meet their friends that are associated with them who are either live in your area, across the country or even overseas.

Finding friends online through social interaction is proving to be effective and fun without the potential nightmare. Meeting someone online at WireClub can soften the blow if and when you eventually meet them in real life.


So don’t hesitate to jump in and get wired, This is a “Sponsored Review” review on an excellent social networking site that is popular and safe.

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