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In the increasingly ‘open border’ world of international commerce and world trade that we live in, there has been fortunes made by the early entrepreneurs who learned and utilized the concepts of buying low and selling high. As in buying goods at dirt cheap wholesale prices and reselling the same item at retail prices. This most often entailed importing them from a different country and realizing a substantial profit after reselling that product in another. There has been however substantial risk of buying and selling products across international borders, as payment for container loads of goods often had to be paid up front or by Letter Of Credit. Also at times, the quality of goods which were originally promised did not always live up to expectations.

It Is One Of The Oldest Business Practices Around, ‘Import and Export’. There is a secret in the international trade circles, and that secret is, its not always about “selling high”. The real profit when buying and selling goods, whether stocks or tangible goods, is realized when you purchase the goods (at rock bottom low costs), and not when you sell them.

If you do not get the lowest wholesale prices when you purchase a product, then the odds are you are not going to make much of a profit as there usually is a ceiling resell price for that product. When the purchase price is low, your profit most often is almost always guaranteed.

So the secret then is how do you find ‘Hot’ in demand products at low prices allowing you to resell them for bigger profits!

Using Google and Searching For ‘Wholesale Sites’ Is NOT The Answer
So lets say that you want to buy to eventually resell new kitchen appliances, or new HDTV’s, or even brand name products such as an Ipod or Iphone, or genuine designer label clothes.

Here’s a technique on how you can get whatever you want for little or no money…
…or at times even get “Paid” to get that product.


For Example… You are looking for that latest greatest electronic gadget of some sort.
Say this item retails for $70.

Because due to your ‘rock bottom costs’ wholesale buying sources, you have instant access to 100’s of ‘real’ wholesale sources, and you can locate them in just a few minutes. So a genuine supplier will sell that electronic product to you for say… $35 or less.

So instead of buying just 1, you decide to buy 4.

You keep one for yourself and then list the other 3 on Ebay, where they sell for an average price of $70 apiece.

So you’ve spent a total of $140 for 4 of these electronic gadgets, and now you have 1 for yourself to keep and earn $210 for the other 3, less the Ebay listing fees.

So Did You Profit? Heck Yes.

You got that electronic gadget that you wanted for absolutely free, plus you made approximately $40 in cash… profit!

So if you had purchased say 10 of the same item, you would have made more money when they eventually sold on Ebay.

Pretty Simple, Right?
Well it is. And its the very same concepts the successful big time Import/Exporters have used for decades. The only catch is, WHERE do you find the legitimate scam-free wholesalers that will offer you these great prices on big or small quantities of in demand products?

SaleHoo – Wholesale Product Database


The Answer Is SaleHoo
Recently SaleHoo has been that reliable site that sorts through the hundreds of thousands of wholesaler sources to find only the LEGITIMATE ones who will sell you exactly what you want at REAL wholesale prices, and deliver these goods at the exact price on time.

SaleHoo – is the site that can do this for you!

Whether you are reselling goods for a profit, or you just simply wanting to buy your own stuff at wholesale prices, congratulations, Salehoo is the site.

SaleHoo is constantly updating their website with the best current overseas wholesale suppliers on the Internet. They will also protect you as a ‘Member of SaleHoo’ from the shady ‘scam’ type of so called middle men who’s only objective is to rip you off. They take your money on false products and false promises and run.

Some Questions and Answer About SaleHoo
Q. “How exactly does SaleHoo work?”
A. On their website, you simply enter the name of the product that you’re interested in, into their directory database. SaleHoo will then give you a list of ‘real’ legitimate reliable suppliers offering that product, including their best prices, which are often low.

Q. “What if SaleHoo doesn’t have a supplier for the product I’m looking for?”
A. SaleHoo has qualified hundreds of wholesale suppliers supplying thousands of items. If they still don’t have the exact hard to find item that you’re looking for, just send them an email, and they will do their best to hunt down that product and a legitimate supplier for you.

Q. “How do I know I can trust a supplier from SaleHoo?”
A. SaleHoo has an exclusive rating system, each and every one of their suppliers in their database are ‘rated’ by SaleHoo’s staff, and also by independent eBay Powersellers and other fellow SaleHoo members, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Q. “I want to Dropship. Does SaleHoo also list valid drop-shippers as well? I do not want the hassle of buying and then shipping out the items I sell.
A. Yes, absolutely. SaleHoo constantly updates their databases of wholesalers and indicates if they drop ship as well. All these services are included in the SaleHoo membership.

Q. “Is the SaleHoo membership fee just a one-time fee? Or is it monthly or annual?
A. Yes, SaleHoo just has a one-time fee and it is a LIFETIME membership. This also includes all training, the exclusive forum, and the wholesale supplier directory database. There is absolutely nothing else to buy, guaranteed.

Q. “What is the guarantee? What if it’s not quite everything you say?”
A. If you are not satisfied, you are fully covered by an 8 week ‘third party’, no questions asked guarantee, so there’s absolutely nothing to risk or lose.

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