SEO Never Sleeps – Recommended Search Engine Optimization Techniques Every Website Should Use

It doesn’t really matter what type of SEO marketing you do, whether it’s one or all of the different colored hats (black, grey, white?), or if you are just considering the different types of SEO techniques available, the fact is… that Search Engine Optimization never sleeps, it’s an ever moving elusive target.

As website design advances and evolves, at the same time, the search engine bots and spiders become just as sophisticated and ‘smarter’, to keep pace with the ‘new and improved’ SEO tactics as they develop. For this very reason, techniques used 6 months or a year ago will not necessarily work today.

This Is Old Old Old
For example, a ‘classic’ SEO technique that was once very effective was to compile keywords and phrases that were popular and you just simply added them to your web pages of your site, but you stuffed the words by using the same color as your website background, thus becoming invisible to the human eye.

So real visitors could not see these words when they were at your site. However, the search engine bots or spiders could read them, so they would index your website based on the ‘invisible’ keywords that were included on your pages. This would drive more visitors to your site based on those keywords being indexed.

But once the search engines caught on, your site was de-listed as it was considered cheating the system because the quality of your visitors experience was not improved, while still attracting visitors that were expecting something more.

So the SE spiders were improved. These new search engine bots sent out to your site were able to detect whether the keyword text on your site was visible or not. This tactic obviously no longer works.


If you’re interested in knowing which spiders visit your site, and when, you can easily find out from the stats programs (such as AWStats), that usually comes with the management panel of your site host.

If it doesn’t, you can always use ‘Google Analytics’ on your pages for free, it is a very concise package.

So What To Do… SEO Techniques You Must Use
Even if you are planning to use a bit of say… black hat techniques for SEO to build your sites, not all that you do is going to upset our friends at Google, Yahoo and MSN. As a matter of fact, there are a few things you should be doing that are totally acceptable to them, simply because they’re designed to make their jobs a little easier!

Some Of These SEO Tactics Include:
• Make sure that your website has an accurate updating site map, and that sitemap is linked directly to your home page. This helps the search engine spiders to navigate their way around your website easier, and that ensures every page will get indexed. There are a lot of sites allowing you to create quality HTML and site maps for free. The advantage of course using standard HTML coding is they produce accurate easy food for the search engines.

• The search engines loves and recommends critical navigation pages that are clearly linked to your sales page and linked on your site. These would include: A Privacy Policy, Terms of Service page, an Earnings Disclaimer, and a ‘Contact’ page. Leaving some or all of these off your website means that your site is not as search engine friendly.

• Make sure the internal linking structure of your website works, and that all the links are working properly and go where they should be going. Dead links are a big red flag. This will again assist the search engine bots and spiders to find where they are going next, when they visit your website. It also ensures that all of the pages on your site that you want to be found are found.

• If you use a blog (such as WordPress), for your site and host it yourself, make sure that it doesn’t have the ‘nofollow’ tags enabled. That would mean the SEO spiders will not follow any links from that page. Instead, you need to activate or use the ‘dofollow’ tags. So if you are using WordPress, you can just download and install the ‘dofollow plug-in’ available for free. Just do a search for the download.

• Each page on your site must have an appropriate ‘Title’ in the ‘head’ section that contains accurate keyword phrases which you are targeting.

• In your HTML coding, there should also be a meta-description, (again in the ‘header’), as this will appear right beneath the ‘Title’ of your site in the search engine listings result pages.


• On your visible web page, there should be a H1 Headline telling the bots and visitor what’s happening on your page. Possibly the most important part of your page copy, and thus make it accurate and make sure it contains your main keyword phrase. Should be in H1, H2 or H3 font size.

• Beneath the H1 headline should be the sub-headline that adds to the keyword description. Use H2 or H3.

• The keyword density of your phrase should be between around 4-8%. Anything less, you are not optimizing your page properly for that particular keyword, anything more, the search engine spiders will think you are ‘keyword stuffing’ your page. (Also no longer works).

As suggested, all of these SEO techniques are recommended and thus perfectly acceptable and should be used by the web master to ensure that their sites are found and properly indexed by the spiders.

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