– Take Advantage Of Their Free 30 Digital Prints And Free Photo Storage

Snapfish is an easy to use online photo sharing site which offers free unlimited storage for your photos, online ‘easy to use’ editing software and tools, wireless imaging service etc., along with over 80+ other personalized photo products.

Other than the fact that SnapFish is one of the most popular, free to use photo sources on the net, the quality prints are developed by Kodak. Snapfish also offers no charge software to upload your photos as well as a host of other great features for its 40 million or so users.

If you are into taking photographs, you can instantly upload your photos with SnapFish with the free to use software, which also includes grouping and editing capabilities. With SnapFish, you can edit your photos until they appear exactly as you want them, including: cropping your photos, removing the dreaded red eye, adjustable contrast, rotation of the picture etc. Editing is easily with SnapFish as the buttons, links and the site itself is easy to navigate.

One of the best reasons for signing up with SnapFish, other than it’s free, is that you can currently get up to 30 Free Digital Prints as well as Free Sharing & Storage of your pics, this along with a low 0.09c digital prints.

The great customer service, the excellent tips and tools, the enormous help section, all come in extremely useful for new members as well as experienced users. There is even information on the best ways to take photos from digital camera phones. The “Help” index is extensive and covers a large range of subjects.

Take advantage of Snapfish’s the free offers and coupons today


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