So The Winners Of The Annual 2008 YouTube Video Awards Are…

What… what the… First of all, did you know there was such a thing as the YouTube Video Awards? Well, heck yes, and they’re all voted by you, the loyal internet video viewer.

So, just when you think no one is paying attention, no one is listening or watching your silly little video about nothing, bingo-bango, you become a cyber superstar.

This is the second annual, yes, 2nd Annual You Tuber Awards covering six categories of awards during the highly anticipated ceremony. The best of the best videos in: sports, music, instructional, inspirational, short film, commentary, politics and the ever popular “adorable” vids are all featured and awarded.

But amongst all of them, the ever popular video that has everyone talking about – again, for no particular reason other than pure annoyance – is Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday, remember him. Zonday, went from a total unknown to YouTube superstar in just a few days, and his catchy song was even featured on TV. Only if Sanjaya could reach this magnitude of ‘bad news day’ popularity. He’s obviously pretty happy getting the award and recognition.

“It’s exciting to receive a YouTube Video Award,” says Zonday. “YouTube has provided me with a place where I can experiment, show my creativity and share my identity. It is a honor to get a YouTube Video Award. Yeah…. right.

Here’s the Zonday video in case you missed it, along with some other winners.

Maybe… just maybe instead of Monday, we should just rename it… Zonday.


Others Include:
The Little Laughing Baby .. that sounds like a chainsaw… adorable

Hi… My Name Is Lisa .. Is Another Winner

So there you have it, be careful what you wish for….

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