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There was once a time when VRE websites comprised and depended solely on targeted keyword stuffed sites. These single keyword phrased, optimized websites concentrated strictly on incoming backlinks to gain massive search engine traffic. They are quickly being phased out as more of a holistic approach to website content becomes popular. The new buzzword, Latent Semantic Indexing is quickly becoming the new wave of the future for SEO’s.

Latent semantic indexing, is a term first derived by Google and it is defined as a systematic way to accurately gauge the content of a web page and its flow in relation to the entire site. This is to determine the overall theme and flow of the content. It’s defined as an advanced measurement of what the website and their page themes are about. While this new standard does not mean that webmasters need to completely re-alter their keyword optimized sites, but it does mean that it has to have a certain proficient overall flow and meaning to the entire site.

The origin behind latent semantic indexing is rather quite interesting. To understand the ranking system Google used in the past, it relied heavily on incoming links as well as keywords to scan web pages for relevancy when surfers perform searches. This ranking system however has been known to penalize perfectly good content websites. During the search process, it had a habit of knocking out or ignoring new sites or websites that recently added too much content too quickly. Although some of these sites were guilty of “Black Hat” techniques such as link farming and instant keyword stuffing software programs, the majority of the sites were legitimate.

Jeff Alderson’s – SiloMatic SEO Software – Theme Based Site Builder

Google had to devise a better system and they believe they did using LSI. Latent semantic indexing scans the overall theme, flow and content of a site to determine its importance. Designed so it will not penalize those content sites that have fresh, relevant information even if they happen to pop-up over night.


Latent semantic indexing puts a heavy emphasis on high quality unique fresh content for websites to gain higher search engine rankings. In essence, latent semantic indexing was developed to give the searcher the best possible information to meet their specific keyword search and less relevance on incoming links like in the past. This system provides for a fair and equal way to give their search engine users the sites and information that they really want. It performs what Google has always wanted to do – and that is to provide the best, highest quality relevant results.

Jeff Alderson’s – SiloMatic SEO Software – Theme Based Site Builder

Google previously placed 80 percent of its search results emphasis on incoming links and the other 20 percent on the actual site itself. This will not be the case when latent semantic indexing is applied. Incoming links to Google will however still have importance, especially when it comes to determining two different websites with equal value and importance based on the keyword, Google will then choose the site with heavier backlinks. This will make it a lot easier for webmasters and SEO’s who focus their sites on providing quality relevant results.

So what does this mean to web publishers? If the new Google LSI policies are followed correctly, they will have an excellent chance of performing well with latent semantic indexing. Those who still develop those keyword stuffed, nonsensical content laden gigantic websites using out dated software and link farms will not survive.

The key to reinventing yourselves on Google’s new search policy falls strictly on quality content. Websites that provide fresh useful relevant information based on “keywords” will most likely to do well on major search engines by ranking high. Those that still choose to cut corners will continue to spin their wheels.

If you are looking to construct perfectly structured, highly-optimized web sites, or if you want to improve your existing sites, there is a new software tool called SiloMatic, which has just been released. This is the same developer that brought you “Traffic Equalizer”, which revolutionized website content construction years ago.

This software guarantees that all of your webpages that you build will be properly structured and comply with the Latent Semantic Indexing intricacies to rank high on Google and every other search engine out there.

You can read more about it here:

Jeff Alderson’s – SiloMatic SEO Software – Theme Based Site Builder

SiloMatic is a theme based site builder…


Sites that are built with this software will rank MUCH higher than regular sites, not only by Google but other major search engines as well.

The content creation feature of the software helps you create a wide synomic net of LSI keywords, with a MUCH higher theme relevance for each and every page of content!

In other words, using SiloMatic, you are building your site EXACTLY the way Google wants you to build it for TOP rankings.

Jeff Alderson’s – SiloMatic SEO Software – Theme Based Site Builder

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