So Whats Your Excuse For Not Taking Action? Start A WordPress Blog For Less Than $15

The only difference between looking for an excuse to do nothing or to procrastinate vs taking some form of action, is that the former is the easy way out.

Just a fact of human nature and we are all guilty of it. Now, if you examine it closely, the main difference is that making excuses to not do anything just generates further frustration and anxiety and even more excuses to procrastinate!

It’s pretty obvious…and everyone knows and does it.

Now, if 99% of people know about this, then why are they still looking for excuses then?

It’s pretty obvious that routine is comfortable and why change a good thing if its not broken. It may be not rational, but its directly related to how easy and comfortable your attitude laden with procrastinating can be.

It’s not about blaming anyone for procrastinating, but if you’re not comfortable or satisfied with your own attitude, then its up to you to change it, and this may just change the way you’re handling your life.


This is not about helping those who are wanting to and willing to transform from the moody procrastinating blaming everyone but yourself -attitude to… “Yes, I’m willing to start something immediately within the next 60 minutes and step out of this non productive mindset”.

So this is nothing really that fancy, nothing very complex. Just a few reminders and steps, for those who are willing to simply starting something on their own.

If you follow these few simple steps, then you will be able to have your niche web site running in less than 60 minutes.

In order for you to start taking any action online and starting any niche related project, using WordPress is the way to go:

– there are no technical skills that are required (you can install a WordPress blog for Free with just a click of a button)
– Its an ‘Instant Content Management System’ – CMS
– You can easily change and edit the theme or look of your niche web site in 2 minutes
– You can instantly add numerous features (known as plugins)

These are just some of the reasons why the WordPress blogging platform
is powerful, popular and successful.

It will without a doubt be the leading website platform for years to come. Blogger blogs from Google can no longer compete with WordPress as the weblog of choice.

WordPress Isn’t Just A Successful Blogging Platform

It’s more of a real web site platform. Blogging is becoming a generic overused term to describe website owners and business owners publishing and updating their content online.

A Blog Is The Quickest And Easiest Way To Start An Online Business
It is a platform that allows you to focus on what you have in mind and then being able to take immediate action on them:
– Write down your ideas and publish them
– Promote and marketing these ideas using your own products or affiliate products

You can easily focus and publish the thoughts on these two tasks within 10 minutes of getting an idea.

Then you’ll be able to instantly test traffic generation techniques and tactics, or link building methods, you’ll be able to contact related niche website owners and bloggers to exchange content, ads and links…


You will also be able to analyze what your website visitors are expecting from your site, as you will be able to set up surveys, comments, lead generation and then up-sell them…

So To Start, All You Need To Begin Is:
– A Good Niche Idea (which costs nothing)
– A related domain name (For around $8.99)
– A web-host that uses CPANEL (starts at around $5 a month)

And that’s it. That’s the only investment you need in your quest to become a niche website owner and marketer…

There are unfortunately a lot of people who are stuck at not knowing where to start. They read tons and tons of articles, reports and ebooks, and cannot decide when to stop reading. They suffer from paralysis by analysis, and cannot not decide when to start acting.

It appears that the perceived barrier they set for themselves is too high, and the end potential reward is not worth the risk of taking any type of action.

Well, there really is not excuse to start and there really is no financial risk as it will cost less than $15 to start.

So what it simply means is that there’s really no reason for not taking action right now!

Most aspiring internet marketers and website owners initially buy a lot of books, website scripts, join numerous memberships in the hopes it will make them rich overnight. What they do is buy the hype and then take no action.

Some of the successful ones, the ones that get it, realize that it won’t happen overnight, a tiny minority know that without hard work, dedicated devotion and taking action, nothing productive or positive will come out it…

So Which One Are You?
Buying all those ebooks, scripts, and services should and will help your ultimate goals, support your actions and your marketing efforts… if you apply them properly.

So To Begin… Take The Following Steps:
– Get a niche or topic idea (skim through magazines or trade publications to get ideas, choose one that interests you, pick one from your profession) – Free
– Buy a suitable domain name – Around $8.99 or less
– Get a host for your domain name (Such as HostGator) – For around $5 per month
– Setup your WordPress blog through cPanel… a one button click, pick a theme (Free) that best suits your topic and personality and then start writing and testing
– Track all your results with a Free Google Analytics account:

The Most Important Step.. Just Do It 🙂

Once you get the hang of it and start making a few posts, you will understand what areas need to be expanded, what you need to learn, which tools (plugins, PLR content, or advertising and revenue services) you could use or consider to improve your productivity and your bottom line.

You can follow these basic steps on whatever your online project or niche is:

– if you want to write and then publish an ebook, then start blogging about it
– if you are interested in creating a membership subscription based service, like a specialized recipe site, then start blogging about it
– if you’re wanting to market software or an application, then you can start blogging about it first…

No matter what your current skills are or what your knowledge is, you could slowly improve the process… But then, that would also mean you’re not stuck in the procrastination syndrome any longer…

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