So Where Are The Best Beaches To Sun, Swim, Surf And Sunbathe When Vacationing In California

Yes, it does bring back tunes in your head from the Beach Boys, as you dream of drenching your body and soul, at a beach in the hot California sun. So where are the best beaches you ask? Here is a list of what is believed to be the best beaches to relax in California. Of all the numerous hot-spots that California has, these ones listed are the absolute best! We dare you to find better any beaches to tan, sun, swim, people gawk or surf in California.

Malibu Lagoon Beach:
This absolutely beautiful lagoon beach in California has over 22 acres of wetlands, as well as lush gardens and sandy beaches. It is without a doubt considered to be one of the worlds most famous surfing beaches. When you are on the east side of the Malibu Creek Bridge, you will find the Malibu Pier, which is world renown for excellence in saltwater fishing. On the west side of this beach, you will find a nature area.

Venice Beach:
Oh yes, the very famous Venice Beach indeed does exist. So the next time you’re in Los Angeles, for pleasure or business, it would not just be complete without a trip down to this iconic beach. There are fantastic street performers, local artists and the well known “beautiful people” who mingle and casually stroll down Santa Monica and along the famous ‘boardwalk,’ which runs through this awesome California beach town.

El Capitan Beach:
Perhaps not as well known, but this sandy, yet shady Santa Barbara beach features rugged rocky tide pools nestled along El Capitan Creek. This pristine beach is perfect for swimming, surfing, picnicking or camping, and of course fishing. A very long stairway walk gives you access from the beach to the bluffs and a great bike trail that connects the park with Refugio State Beach.

Ocean Beach:
Simply know as the ‘O.B’, to the locals, is a laid back, casual and lazy beach community known for its surfers, as well as it’s liberal politics. It’s an eclectic beach atmosphere and community which also offers a ‘leash free’ dog beach, a fantastic pier for fishing, surfing and swimming, as well as volleyball. It offers separate swimming and surfing areas, which is definitely a good idea.

Rio Del Mar Beach:
This soothing, long, smooth and silky sandy beach is found in Aptos, California, which is in Santa Cruz County. This fine beach features fire rings, a barbecue and picnic area, and is a very popular summer beach. It’s also the home to the famous “cement boat,” which is a long stranded freighter ship just off the coast.


Muir Beach:
Muir Beach is just short of a thirty minute drive from San Francisco, going down the very Scenic Hwy I. It is one of the most visually glorious regions in Northern California, which is in the Golden Gate National Recreation Park Area. There’s great swimming and surfing, fabulous fishing, and campfires are also allowed. There are a lot of coastal trails, just directly above the beach, great for hikers to explore.

Black Sands Beach at Shelter Cove:
This spectacular ‘black sand beach’, is great for Whale watching. It’s located just north of Shelter Cove, which is in a remote region of the “Lost Coast”. It is the trail-head for the famous King Range hike. Keep in mind this is a day only beach, so if you are a camper, you will have to head for the hills.

La Jolla’s Beaches:
La Jolla, which simply translated means, “the jewel.” This is a very a fitting name for the precious stretch of beaches off the La Jolla’s coast. Avid surfers prefer going to Windansea beach, while the numerous harbor seals prefer the Childrens Pool. The La Jolla Shores and beaches are extremely popular for swimming, sunbathing, relaxing and people watching, while the Cove is a local favorite for snorkeling.

Drake’s Beach:
This long, vast stretch of pure white sand can be found at the Point Reyes National Seashore. The strong winds and choppy seas in the area makes it a little too rocky for most swimmers, but sun worshipers are delighted to work on their tans in this beautiful California outdoor hot-spot.

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