A Firefox Plugin To Easier Social Bookmarking

SocialMarker is a free to use social bookmarking site that offers a one stop service for submitting your: article, blog or website to over 2 dozen popular social bookmarking sites. SocialMarker is a Firefox plug-in, so using the Firefox browser is required to use this service.

So once you have installed the SocialMarker submission button plugin onto your Firefox browser toolbar, you can use the service whenever you come across an article or site (or your own site of course), that you would like to bookmark. Highlight the text that you want to save and then click to save and bookmark using the SocialMarker button.

Once you have the item saved, you will then be taken to SocialMarker’s website where you will be able to edit the description, title, tags or the URL, etc. Once done, then choose which of the social bookmarking sites you’d like to send the information to (by default, every social bookmark site is chosen, so you will have to de-select the sites you don’t want to submit to) and then hit the submit button for publishing. The site also gives you options of selecting the “Best” or most “Popular” bookmarking sites, or only just the “News” social bookmarking sites.

Registration to each individual social bookmarking site is required. So if you are not a member to these sites already, SocialMarker will visit the individual sites and automatically open each sites login or registration area in an iFrame. Because SocialMarker is required to visit each of these social bookmarking sites individually, the process is not quite automatic and can be time consuming as each site is submitted one by one.


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