Some Helpful Tips When Buying A Used Car – Know The True Trade In Value Of A Vehicle

Each and every year, there are hundreds of thousands of pre-owned, used cars that change hands. Some of these deals are great buys, while others, well not so much. Follow these steps when buying your next used car, will get you the best deal and value for your money.

It’s obviously better to find out what’s wrong with an used car, before you buy it, rather than finding out after you own it. Carfax is great in reporting the history of any car, and this information is accessible to anyone interested. Carfax will collect information from over 5,000+ different automotive sources. Keep in mind however, that the report’s only as good as the info that’s reported. If the car has been in an accident, but hasn’t been reported, that information isn’t going to be available in Carfax. That’s why any used car should be inspected, prior to purchasing it.

A mechanical inspection is the best way to find any obvious problems with the car. The mechanic should easily be able to tell if there’s any leaks, rust and corrosion, any hidden damage, frame damage, suspension or brake problems, engine problems, and other mechanical or electrical issues. Keep in mind that the mechanics report will not always tell you if the car has been in any accidents.

Make sure you take the used car out for a test drive. And just don’t drive it on the city streets. Take the car out on the freeway or highway and make sure you get it to highway speeds to feel the ride. Find out how quiet (or not) the car runs, test the steering and braking and other things like how good the visibility is. If possible, try driving on a clear day, as well as when it’s raining. Decide if you feel comfortable while driving the car. If you are not comfortable, then it’s possibly not the car for you.

You can also save some money when purchasing your used car by shopping around for good auto financing. Some lenders offer better rates than others. There are a lot of lenders that offer hassle free online service, that’s as easy as filling out an online form. Once your car financing is approved, they will just send you the check to purchase the vehicle.


If there’s an opportunity to purchase extended warranty for your car, it can prove to be a good investment. Extended warranties can protect you from major breakdowns and thus save your pocketbook from potential repairs.

Types Of Extended Warranties
There are two distinct types of extended warranty coverage; power-train coverage and bumper to bumper. Bumper to bumper covers… well almost everything between the bumpers, while the powertrain warranty covers major repairs associated with the engine and the transmission. The cost between these two types of extended coverage are usually significant, but depends on the age, make and type of car. A bumper to bumper extended coverage can be worth the extra premium.

There are a few good sites for finding out what any used vehicle is worth. It allows you to search by: make, model, category, shape, year, location, mileage and price.

If you can’t find the exact type of used car you want locally, buying that car online is now another option. Just do proper research to make sure the dealer is reputable. It is always a good idea to just put a deposit down (make sure it’s refundable) and then pay the balance once you have inspected the car and it meets all expectations.

This site offers the best accurate trade-in value for your any used car, whether you are buying or selling:

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