Some Of Your Favorite Celebrity Secrets To Staying Young And Keeping Their Skin Tight

We all love to hate them, whether you idolize them or not, criticize their erratic behavior, there is no denying that these celebrities are the epitome of health and beauty. They are constantly mistaken for their age due to their youthful look and radiant skin. Here are some of the secrets on the reason why these celebs look younger than they really are.

They Eat Lots Of Citrus Fruits and Veggies
They munch on greens and citrus fruits such as: grapefruits, lemons, and oranges, which are high in Vitamin C, a needed natural antioxidant. Antioxidants primary ingredient is collagen, which is a glue-like protein that will bind your cells together to form tissue, which makes up for around 25% of our whole-body protein content. The active production of collagen is a vital necessity to skin firmness and suppleness, as well as averting the onset of premature wrinkling. Collagen is the main ingredient found in expensive facial creams and moisturizers and hand lotions. The stars know this, so lots of citrus and vegetables are always on the celebs menu, the visual proof is softer skin.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol Excessively
There are those certain selected famous celebrities that continuously go in and out of rehab due to too much partying and alcoholism. You know the ones, they always look completely worn-out, thin and spoiled. But the majority of the celebrities keep their parties and alcoholic intake at a minimum. Despite getting drunk and relaxing the nerves in social situations, alcohol can cause skin damage by losing moisture due to its well known dehydrating effects. The end result, the booze will cause sagging and wrinkling skin.

That certain ‘High School Musical’ star says she would rather soak herself in the hot California sun, at the beach without any sun protection, than her drinking too much alcohol.

What alcohol does is it causes dilatation of the blood vessels in the skin, so every time you drink, your blood vessels will dilate and will stay dilated until they lose their natural tone. The abuse of alcohol will deplete the body and skin of natural Vitamin A, which is an important vital antioxidant.


Avoiding Too Much Coffee
Despite coffee having antioxidant content, drinking too much caffeine also causes skin dehydration, as well as causing the body and skin to eliminate needed liquids and minerals. Too much coffee drinking actually causes your skin to look like crepe paper and will appear to lose elasticity, if you pinch it up into a peak. Drinking too much coffee will also stain your teeth and causes winkles around and under your eyes.

The celebs who regularly drink coffee suggests drinking a glass of water immediately after a cup of coffee.

Drink LOTS of Clean Sparkling Water
No one disputes the vital role that good hydration plays in maintaining clear healthy skin. Good hydration however does not come from drinking liquids such as sodas or alcohol, but only from clean refreshing water. Water also helps in moving cell nutrients in and the bad toxins out, which leaves skin looking tingling.

Paris Hilton has recently disclosed that she drinks on average, (10) ten or more glasses of water every day, otherwise she notices that her skin tends to look dull, vapid, and pale.

Limited Exposure To Natural Sunlight
It’s pretty obvious that too much exposure to sunlight will put the skin at a higher risk of aging, which is caused by free radicals. But it’s also obvious that you cannot avoid it, so the solution is using a high quality, high sun protection factor lotion.

One former Mickey Mouse club member, who lives in California is said to use a SPF50 on her face and neck and a SPF35 on her body to develop a nice brownish tan where she likes.

Use Moisturizers

The famous stars use a night time moisturizer, and is probably the easiest of their daily beauty routine. They will choose a proven night cream containing ‘age-fighters’ such as retinol.

If this creme is applied at night, it will reduce the effect of aging and the environment on your skin.

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