Some Signs That You Are Working At A Dead-End Job – How To Get A New One

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So you get up every morning… Have you ever felt that you, yes you, may be working at a dead-end job? If you may think that you are, well, you’re definitely not alone. So with that in mind, even though you may think that your entire life has lead to this current lousy job, it does not necessarily mean that you are. But, if you are looking for a bit of proof, you may want to read this.

Are You Stuck In That Dead End Job?
One indicator that your job may be heading towards dead-end street, is if you find yourself (job wise),in the same position, for years upon years, with no promotion in sight. When you were originally hired, with the intent of no job advancement, then your current position whatever it may be, may be just fine for you. But keeping that in mind, if you have goals and aspirations, and have yet to advance yourself to see those goals accomplished, that may indeed be a sign your at a dead-end job. Any type of work should never go unrewarded or unnoticed, especially if you’ve been employed by the same company for years.

Another sign of a dead-end job is you have been working for a significant period of time at the same pay level. In fact, it is common for employers to automatically give employees a quarterly, semi or an annual pay raise. If you have been employed for an extended period, then a no raise in pay indicates a dead-end job. There is good news however, if the only issue you have is your pay level, you may be able to turn that dead-end job into a great job. All you have to do is simply inquire about a pay raise. As a matter of fact, a lot of the employers expect this, it shows initiative, especially if you’ve been there for an extended period of time. Therefore, you will have nothing to lose by asking.

So What To Do? What To Do?
As previously mentioned, it’s important to keep in mind that that you don’t have to stay at that job forever. There are a few different steps that you can take. One is speaking with your immediate supervisor or supervisors about your job performance and how valuable you are to them. This may also involve directly asking for a pay increase, or asking for a job promotion with more responsibility, should any such positions be available. In today’s economy, you’ll find that not every employee may want that added responsibily of a promotion; therefore, you ‘ll want to let your superiors know that you’re not one of them.

Another way to get out of that dead-end job rut is by creating a bit of a stir, but in a good way. Despite your frustrations, you may consider giving your job, yes, your dead-end job, a second chance. This may involve making sure to do good deeds and your supervisors know about it. Also volunteer to work late or cover another employees shift in an emergency. As stated, your supervisors may believe that you’re just satisfied with your job, so tell and show them otherwise. You will want to prove to them that you want and deserve more, and that you’re capable of handling more.

Another option when looking to get rid of that dead-end job, is seeking employment elsewhere. If you have a family you need to support, bills that need to be paid, you may however want to seek employment elsewhere as a last resort, but it’s still an option that you may want to examine.


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