Spock The Largest Most Comprehensive People Specific Search Engine

So Spock was once upon a time better known as a pointy eared, logical non emotional human type of life form on a well known TV program. Spock in current online, Web 2.0 terms is a search engine dedicated towards people and their profiles. Spock’s primary goal for it’s people search application is to help other users find and discover people on the internet. Spock has over one hundred million individuals already indexed and millions of profiles are being added daily. This makes Spock the largest and most comprehensive search engine geared towards people profiles.

Spock collects information about individuals and integrates it into a search engine format. They collect data about you or someone you know or someone famous from around the web, then aggregates it into a mini biography complete with personal data (controlled by you) and photos. They pull this information from other social networks such as: Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace, being the most popular. The Spock Search Engine offers users information about that person, as well as their occupation, age, and any other background information it can muster up.

When viewing Spock’s personal profiles, there are also links and websites that are associated with that person, as well as additional resources and related tag words. Like many other Web 2.0 orientated “People” focused search engines out there, practically anyone can add information to that persons or any other person’s profiles. If you’re not profiled on Spock, you are welcome to create a Spock page for yourself. Also if you happen to find yourself on Spock but you haven’t registered or entered the information yourself, you can claim your profile.

Spock also identifies you based on geographical location. So if you are John Smith living in Seattle, it has the ability to micro locate you based on your picture, age and location.

Once registered, you as a member of Spock, can take advantage of the additional search functions offered, such as, the ability to add other people to your favorites section and the ability to filter and remove searches within your favorites.


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