Spy Sweeper Is An Award Winning Anti-Spyware Removal Program Available

There is a secret code which contains an important message provided by Webroot Spy Sweeper that needs to be deciphered. In breaking the code, the message will reveal the genesis and purpose of the Spy Sweeper program. Here is the code…


The code after intense research was finally cracked using a program called Autokey Cipher. What was revealed is the true nature of who and what Spy Sweeper is and does.


Spy Sweeper is the best solution for anti-spyware removal available to consumers, small businesses and corporations online. Spy Sweeper is an internationally recognized anti spyware program reputed for excellence and ease of use. Spy Sweeper has been rewarded for over 45 awards and as a result, it is the top selling computer security software in the market. Recognition of excellence includes a “Gold Award” by PC Magazine in 2006 and a winner of the “PC Pro Recommended Award” amongst many others.

Be aware that the majority of anti-spyware software is unable to remove or recognize the latest and thus most dangerous of internet threats. Spy Sweeper can effectively recognize these new threats on a daily basis before they happen and before they reach your computer. Threats that no other program can detect. Spyware is a serious problem that can knock out your internet presence and instantly disable your computer.


Spy Sweeper defends your online presence in two ways: The program continuously monitors your PC in the background to prevent and identify new spyware attacks, as well as sweeping your system to identify and optionally quarantine harmful threats. Webroot Spy Sweeper also automatically updates its databases with over 300+ new potentially destructive spyware definitions each and every week. The database currently identifies and contains information on over 130,000+ virus variations. Spy Sweeper is the best solution for your online safety.

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