Submit Your Video To Black Turtle Media And Win $5000

Black Turtle Media wants to bridge the gap between your talent and the big time by searching for creative amateur and semi-professional videographers who are capable of producing exciting and compelling advertisements for broadcast and distribution for its major brand sponsors. Black Turtle Media is looking for premium TV and web broadcast commercials that you have the talent and potential of making or have made already and possibly hiding inside your camera.

If you supply the passion, the vision, the creativity to catch a story inside a film, then you may be the one. So step away, stop watching the boring, drab commercials currently on your television and make your mark by building a better commercial. Enter Black Turtle Media’s commercial advertisement creation contest today.

You are encouraged to make a commercial based on your interests. If you are a tech junkie and hooked on the latest buzz on wireless.. then you are invited to make a commercial of your vision based on the Apple iPhone. Or if video games are more your thing, then produce a compelling advertisement based on the very successful Halo3 video game. Are you more of the political kind? How about your views on the upcoming Decision 2008. Express your views in video format on the political scene in the United States.

Regardless, Black Turtle Media wants your work! Black Turtle Media is looking to redefine the future of advertising by featuring unknown talents like youself, who has the skills to catapult your creative video production talents to the big time. Who knows, you might even get it featured and shown by their major brand sponsors.

So go ahead, go to Black Turtle Media and submit your video. Enter the contest. Get votes and possibly get paid for your efforts.

Black Turtle Media Contest


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