Sunrocket VoIP Closes Its Phone Service. So What Do Their 200,000+ Customers Do Now?

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Sunrocket, a VoIP provider decided to pull the plug on their Sun Rocket operations early this week. Maybe not surprising to some, but Sunrocket did not apparently warn any of their customers, which is in the 200,000+s.

A memo from SunRocket was posted on the GigaOm blog early on Monday. Stating that…

Last ditch efforts were made to keep the operations running… as well as a potential sale of SunRocket, which did not go through… as a result SunRocket will cease operations as of today..

Yes, just like that.

SunRocket was a popular VoIP provider as the service offered a $99 buy one year, get one year free unlimited offer with calling available to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

The 200,000 former Sunrocket phone customers will now need to start porting their existing phone numbers and begin filing out chargebacks with their local banks and/or credit card companies in an attempt to get their money refunded.


Calling the customer service line at SunRocket resulted in a voice recording stating: “We (SunRocket) are no longer taking customer service calls or any sales calls. Goodbye,” then it hangs up. however, on their website as of yesterday, still have their new subscriber signup form on their order webpage with the sales pitch, “3 Months Free. Limited Time Offer.” So buyer beware.

Since Sunrocket is no longer in business, there is information from DSL reports and other VoIP sources on what you can do with your phone number and what other services are available. The users are required to figure out how to unlock their phones, one ex-employee of SunRocket has been providing information on the number porting process on his blog.

Is the sudden closure of Sunrocket Voip Service really that surprising? Well, the big boys like Google, Earthlink, AOL, Yahoo etc. all have incorporated this type of service, some for free or for very little cost into their Web services as a feature. Heck, it’s just a piece of software right?

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