Google Cleans House And Introduces Google Places ‘Open Now’ For Mobiles

google-favorite-places open now qr codesSo most of the discussion this past week revolved around Google and their seemingly annual and recent algorithmic ‘house cleaning’ spin they performed on their engine. This sounds much like a yearly event for them to clean out what they consider as ‘Spam,’ as well as what they deem as irrelevant sites. They may of wiped out a lot of free traffic for you, if you were using for instance, Article Directories or similar sites. They also eradicated the majority of auto-generated, auto posting, weak content blogs that used duplicate …

Is Facebook Going Down The Same Path As Yelp Or FourSquare

facebookfoursquareyelp googlplaces marketingSo Facebook has reached the point where it’s beyond being just a site where old high school chums and past college roommates keep in touch with each other. It’s more than friends who are writing on each others Walls, or chatting and sharing things that they “Like” by giving it a thumbs up. When Facebook introduced their Community pages a while back, which when combined with their location-based Facebook Places, it may of put the relevancy or even the longevity of sites such as Gowalla or Foursquare into question. …

Business Owner’s – Check-in And Claim Your Facebook ‘Places’

How-to-Facebook-PlacesFacebook, the Social Network, is quickly becoming an extremely important avenue for marketers, whether you’re on the Web or not. This is because of Facebook’s relatively new destination based feature called, Facebook Places. ‘Places’ offers any physical business or service to socially network their business with others. Places will allow you to track your: customers, visitors or friends who decide to ‘share’ your office, store or venue with others.

According to Facebook
“What Facebook Places does is it allows Web users to socially share with their friends, exactly where