Run Customized RSS Feeds On Your WordPress Blog Using The KQF Plugin

KQF is an AJAX powered plugin for your WordPress blog that will replace the default dashboard of your blog with any custom RSS feeds that you choose. You will also be able to add RSS feeds to your posts, WordPress pages or any template file you want.

This KQF plugin will allow you to customize the look and behavior of the RSS feeds the way you want and like them. It also has a built in polling feature that will check for RSS feed freshness on your WordPress blog at …

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12 Steps To Writing Compelling Sales Letter Copy

1. Make sure your sales copy sounds like a conversation.
The more conversational your sales copy is, the more engaged your customers will obviously feel. Nothing is worse then boring sales letters that sound distant, talking down to you or too technical as they describe the features of the product. If your reader is not engaged, they will not stick around long enough to even think about buying.

2. Write your sales letter as though writing a letter to an old friend.
There is an old copywriting trick and that

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Apple Announces A $100 iPhone Rebate: So Why And Where

Apple Online Store

So Steve Jobs of Apple in conjunction with it’s introduction of the new iTouch, announced a $100 Store Credit “rebate” for all iPhone owners who bought an iPhone when it first came out earlier this year. The early loyal followers had enough faith in the company and product to buy the iPhone early, even if it did cost a pricey $500 to $600 for a fancy little wireless phone. It’s a good gesture by Apple, but there has to be an ulterior motive to do so.

Third, we are making

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So What Is Google’s LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing Explained – Jeff Alderson’s SiloMatic

There was once a time when VRE websites comprised and depended solely on targeted keyword stuffed sites. These single keyword phrased, optimized websites concentrated strictly on incoming backlinks to gain massive search engine traffic. They are quickly being phased out as more of a holistic approach to website content becomes popular. The new buzzword, Latent Semantic Indexing is quickly becoming the new wave of the future for SEO’s.

Latent semantic indexing, is a term first derived by Google and it is defined as a systematic way to accurately gauge the

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Why You Should Create Multiple Streams of Income For Your Internet Business

Click. Work. Collect.

Internet Marketing poses the danger of becoming extremely volatile unless you stay focused. The IM Market is in a constant state of motion and has proven that you can easily get distracted by the latest “Newest and Must Have” marketing method out there that can make your head spin or possibly bring your efforts to a complete standstill.

Don’t Get Distracted
We are constantly bombarded by email and forums with the newest latest offers from so called internet marketing experts, most often offering old material in new packaging. It’s a

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Review On Brian Wynn’s The Millionaire League – Plus Free Ebook Preview

On The Outside Looking In
Before you join “The Millionaire League”, Brian Wynn’s sales page hype’s you on how you can make easy, almost effortless money online. The same “bla bla” typical copy write that promises wheel barrows of money using his various new and unique, never been seen or used before systems!

He goes on saying that his methods are automatic, as on autopilot, so that once you’ve set them up, that’s all there is to it, you’re done, just wait for the money to roll in. Just sit

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Top 10 Tips On How To Copyright Like A Pro For Money

1. Start a “Swipe File”. Good copywriters are always on the lookout for examples of good written copy. When you find one, add them to your “swipe file” for ideas when you get stumped on what to write. This is of course not an green light and it’s never advisable to plagiarize something another copywriter has written, but you can take a particularly well-written letter or ad and rework it so it works for what you’re selling.

2. Spend time copying out excellent sales letters. The majority of the world’s

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A Review On Niche Laboratories “PLR Sting” By Lisa Ann Ginger

If you have at one time or another purchased Private Label Rights (PLR) articles, PLR reports or PLR ebooks to use on your site, here is a free eye-opening PDF report called “PLR Sting” that I just came across regarding the do’s and don’ts about using PLR information.

This short intensive report which is around 20 pages in length, contains information that could possibly just as well turn the PLR industry completely up-side-down.

It contains in an easy to read format some real juicy secrets on the truth regarding duplicate …

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