Take A Bite Out Of The Big Apple – A Review On The MacBook Pro

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There is a lot to like about Apples, as in geek.. as in the Macbook series. Each and every Macbook they produce are all sleek and shiny, they all have excellent, user friendly rubbery keyboards, and since Apple makes it own operating system as well as the hardware, the user is generally exposed to a more comprehensive, cohesive computing experience. What Apple offers in its Macbook line is a pretty well nice reliable line of laptop computers, my pick would be the following…

The Macbook Pro, so why get one? While it costs hundreds more than its little brother, the Macbook, it’s a bigger smoother package. The biggest difference is it’s GPU. If you are looking for a true discrete graphics processor, you want the Macbook Pro. If you are looking for high-end video editing, as in 3-d modeling or gaming, the Macbook Pro is the way to go. The Macbook Pro is currently equiped with the Nvidia 8600GT, which is an excellent mid-range GPU that should work well with most graphically oriented applications.

Another big advantage of the Macbook Pro is its superior large LED backlit display, enclosed in a nice aluminum case, an easy to backlit keyboard for typing in the dark, a Multi-touch trackpad, the GPU, and a variety of usable input/output ports.

Some disadvantages, if you want to call them that.. is that they are little higher in price, is a bit larger and heavier then the Macbook, and is also harder to upgrade the hard drive (doing so will void the warranty). The metal enclosure may also get a little hot and if it happens to be dropped and banged a bit, its exterior may dent, (unlike the resilient polycarbonate (plastic) encasement of the Macbook).

So are you someone who would enjoy the Macbook Pro? If you use applications that are graphically demanding as in lots of 3-D apps, or if you use high-end video editors, or play a lot of games or develop them, the Macbook Pro may be for you.

So if you need to be portable, but still need the power and screen size of a desktop, the Macbook Pro’s large display and performance will get you there.


So What Programs Should You Consider For The Macbook Pro?

Here is a list of programs I suggest that you buy/download for your new Mac. If you have any other suggestions feel free to add them in the comments section.

Adium – All-in-one instant messaging client

iChat is a great IM program but it doesn’t fully support MSN Messenger/Windows Live Manager. Hopefully it will soon but in the meantime this is the best alternative and best of all it’s FREE. Adium allows you to connect to multiple accounts from different IM services at once and multiple accounts from the same service, if needed. For example, if you have an AIM account and 2 MSN accounts, you can connect to all 3 accounts at once. Other features include plug-ins, account management and chat history.

Firefox – Just another browser
Majority of Mac users use Apple’s Safari browser but some pages that crash in Safari should work in Firefox. Also there is no option in Safari to alphabetize bookmarks, which is really annoying. So I use Firefox to sort my bookmarks and then import them into Safari.

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