The 4 Types Of Freelance Writing Work Available To You

If you want to be free… really free and get paid for it, here are some online internet segments you can pursue your writing ability for… wait, yes… pay.

These are the four categories where you can immediately pursue if you like to write, you will get paid for it, just rinse and repeat.

Writing For Web Content
Larger website owners are always looking to add good relevant content to their websites, yet most do not have the time or want to be bothered. They need good content in the form of articles or reports pertaining to their website topic. There is actually quite a bit of work in this category. Most of the articles that are required usually consist of a concise 400 to 700 word article. The current prices for this type of web content varies widely and depends on the buyers budget or size.

While smaller website owners will offer around $5 to $10 per article. Larger well established website owners will gladly pay out around $30 to $40 for a quality relevant 750 word article. If you can consistently deliver good quality unique work, then don’t be surprised if these content buyers approach and seek you out with their requirements for hundreds of unique dedicated articles they want you or your writers to write for them. Topics for these types of articles can range from: finance, health, general business, or specific niches such as “How To Potty Train Your Cat”.

Write Company Press Releases For Cash
Large well established companies love the media exposure, especially when they as a company do something outstanding or innovative, they will immediately submit press releases to the various media outlets hoping to be the next big great story on mainstream media both online and off. While most of these larger corps have their own in-house PR departments to handle this type of thing, your target is the smaller to medium sized businesses who are seeking the same love. You as a freelance writer are needed to handle their press release duty requirements.

If you are hired to just simply write the text, expect to write around a 300-400 word article, up to around 600 words being the maximum for a price of around $100. If you’re writing as well as releasing the text to the various media outlets, you can expect to receive up to $150.


Write E-books For A Living
The reading, writing and selling of digital e-books is big big business on the internet. Every niche topic from internet marketing gurus to goldfish owners these days offer instant downloadable e-books either to sell or to give away for free as an incentive. So if you have a knack for writing on diverse topics such as: ‘Be A Vegetarian and Still Gain Weight’ or ‘How To Install A Digital TV’. There are virtually e-books on every niche topic imaginable, and marketers are constantly coming up with brand new subjects or a new angle to an old topic every single day.

Depending on the type, size and scope of the e-book required and the research that may be involved, including the writer’s experience as well as reputation, the price for writing freelance ebooks can vary from $250 to up to $2,000, at times it can go much higher.

Writing Sales Letters and Copy Writing
A lot of freelancers these days are raking in huge profits with writing sales letters for websites. Every e-book sales page, every new online product or software application, every new marketing or product/service site has and or needs a professional sales letter. These are the website owners virtual salesman or infomercials about the product they are offering. So if you are apt in writing great persuasive words into fantastic sales letters, that have in the past proven to get high conversion rates, then you possess a rare in demand skill. If you have the ability to develop and further hone this skill, it can be one of the most profitable money making investments you can make in yourself.

Novice copywriters usually charge up to $250 for a 4 or 5 page sales letter. More experienced copywriters start at around $2,000 while highly sought after reputed copywriters can command up to $10,000 per written sales letter. The ultimate elite writers charge $25,000+ per project.
Interested? Well, start writing then.

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