The 7 Levels Of Soul Development In The Circle Of Life

This isn’t based on how old you are in human years, when or where you were born, or if you are the oldest or youngest sibling. It’s more about what stage your universal soul is currently at. A measurement, a destination where many want to reach, is being an old soul, a level of transcendence.

This follows the same basic life stage, that any organism would go through during its lifespan. An organism which begins life as an infant, and then progresses itself into the various stages of youth towards an “old soul” adult, while realizing the various stages of development.

At each level, what the soul has are identifying markers and characteristics which carries both positive and negative qualities. The key becomes knowing the age of your own soul, this based on the following traits, knowing exactly where you are in your evolution.

Level #5 – You Begin To Experience Success

In the previous levels, you’ve learned about yourself and what you want in life. You have found a love, that is compatible and comfortable for you. So what you’re now gearing your life towards, is putting all of this knowledge and experience for material purposes.

You’re born into this level, with a soul that’s prepared to achieve tangible goods. Everything that your previous lives has taught you, now falls into place. Things begin to manifest your way, exactly how you dreamed they would.

If you feel that you’re knocking on the door of success, as you feel excited yet anxious, that any day now, all the recognition that you deserve will come your way, you’ve reached the fifth level. It’s now just a matter of time, before success enters your life.

This level however, you remain selfish and shortsighted. For those you finds success, they hoard, and are still in the “me, myself, and I” mindset. You don’t have consideration for the needs of others. So you don’t bother to spread your wealth and share it, as you remain self-centered.


Level #6 – You Want To Give Back With Total Gratitude

The sixth level, urges you to give back to the world, all that you’ve learned and achieved in your previous lives. It makes you want to contribute, help others who remain stuck, and then support them. You develop empathy and gratitude, as you understand their needs and hurts.

You have the need to do things for others. You find yourself going out of your way, this to make sure they’re comfortable and accommodated. You’ve already accomplished much in your life, so you want to help those in need, as you’ve reached this gratitude level of your life.

You’re born with a soul that’s ready to serve and give, as it’s received abundance from others in the past. This level of life, you spend your time teaching, volunteering, entertaining, as you have a genuine feeling of true selflessness. You gain satisfaction from giving.

Level #7 – You Begin To Transcend

The seventh and final level, will lead you to transcend your soul beyond human consciousness. It’s a place beyond trivialities, and all the mundane issues that life presents. You look beyond everyday concerns, as you pursue things that are far greater than yourself.

If you feel a greater calling for you, and feel detached from the daily regularity of life, as what you despise is the day to day drama, the hate and the selfishness, you’ve reached the final level of the human soul chain.

What you feel is deep and enriched. You feel saintly, and no longer have the patience for the frugality’s of the world, as what you have is a thirst for divine knowledge, and that’s all you feel like pursuing.

You seek peace and isolation, as you would rather be alone. You’re ready for transcendence. Once you pass on from this final level, what your soul becomes is one with the universe. Wise, loved and eternal.

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