The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games “08 / 08 / 08” Is A Study Of Dedicaton And Personal Sacrifice

So in North America and most westernized cultures, the number seven, “7” is considered the most powerful and lucky number. But for most Asian cultures, the most power as well as lucky number is the number 8. Thus the Beijing Summer Olympic Games are starting on August 8th, 2008 or 8/8/08.

China is a unique and independent culture with a long storied history. If you have ever been there, and have traveled and experienced its unique landscape, from the Himalayas to the Southern Changchun region to the industrialized north, its vast land is a sight to see. The Olympics being hosted by Beijing is an exciting honor for the long history of this magnificent country, and there are multitudes of Chinese citizens celebrating this historic event on August 8th.

The Olympic games themselves are truly an inspiring event. With every single competition, you see the world class athletes in their discipline who are fine tuned at the peak of physical, spiritual and mental abilities, performing their gift for the world to see. These individuals have poured and sacrificed years of their lives for just the one opportunity to perform at their peak best for just a mere 60 seconds, 5 minutes or however their event lasts.

You have to be proud and in awe of any athlete and contestant competing in these Olympic games. So this is dedicated to some guy or gal from Peru who’s there to compete, but happens to place last in his discipline. The only importance is, he was there, he made it to the games, he was the best in his country and he tried his best.

Every time you watch an amateur athlete compete in an event, you are reminded of the courage and dedication it takes to go beyond their personal boundaries to do something this extraordinary and hopefully win. They do it for the glory and not for the money. So how can we transfer this spirit in the game we play, the entrepreneurial game.

The entrepreneur also goes through some personal terrifying moments to reach our goals. You will face the same fears, the hours of sweat and dedication and at times will risk everything. People may look at you funny, wondering what the heck you are doing? You could even throw yourself into bankruptcy at some point in your life based on the belief you are dedicated to what you are doing. Your spouse and your family has to put up with your crazy dreams and aspirations. There will be days upon days, weeks and months when they think you are just stark raving mad.


So just like in Beijing and China, when the clock hits precisely 08/08/08 and 8 minutes after 8PM, they will consider that time a lucky moment in their history. You as an entrepreneur may surely be looking for some luck as well. But, to be and make a difference, what is required is the courage and inspiration each and everyone of these dedicated athletes display. To strike though your own personal wall of fear, to stare down and beat those demons, and drive yourself forward in the seemingly face of the crushing

Pursue excellence and inspiration wherever you can get and use it. Also pause and inspire yourself from this year’s group of athletes at the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008.

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