The Best Way Get More Traffic Is Building Google Author Rank

how to establish your Google author rankBuilding your own personal identity based on the content that you provide is now considered by Google as one of the the most integral ways of getting a stronger digital marketing presence and footprint.

The online marketing industry is buzzing as it adapts to the changes which are presented and associated with Google Author Rank, and it’s now becoming adopted by the SEO marketers who demands to stay on trend of new online developments.

When it comes to Google Author Rank, it’s now realized “when” and not if it will take place. Some are predicting that Author Rank can potentially have a bigger impact than all of Google’s recent updates combined.

So if you’re a content provider for the web, and are wanting to get your site ranked higher, what you need to do is prepare for Author Rank and then adapt to it.

The majority of the previous methods when it comes to SEO, such as getting valuable backlinks, is still expected to be relevant when it comes to Author Rank. What’s provided is a checklist that you can use to obtain stronger Author Rank.

Starting Google Author Rank
• Make sure that you publish content on a regular basis, and be consistent. Your target should be at least two pieces of original articles a week, which should be able to attract leads and links

• Continue to use Google Trends and search for relevant keywords. Make sure that you continue to use these targeted keywords and continue to include them strategically in your content


• Make sure when writing the title of your article that it answers whatever your readers are searching for. Make sure that you use smooth flowing natural language which should garner you better results, rather than needing to stuff the article with keywords

Google And It’s Prerogatives
What Google is doing is putting forth their best efforts to continuously improving their search quality, which any SEO professional should be complying to.

In order to do this, they have recently provided various services such as Google Authorship and Google Plus+, which are designed to build stronger personal identities, while eliminating “spammers,” by highlighting and placing more focus on real genuine authors.

One thing that’s certain with Google’s various crackdowns are the importance of all content authors to provide higher quality unique relevant articles which are identifiable to them.

The authors who are already publishing their content based on the Author Rank protocol, are also successfully positioning themselves and their reputation, once the changes take place.

Building Better Author Rank
Although Google is still fine tuning Author Rank, it’s recommended that you begin building up your own Author Rank reputation by doing the following.

Begin By Providing Great Content – As ubiquitous as that may seem, what excellent content does is it identifies you as an author. So craft content which is worthy of sharing by others. On Google’s latest update, acquiring links has evolved into providing great content which the readers will genuinely care and read about. The type of content that they’re willing to share

Claim Author Rank – Once you claim your own Author Rank, then begin linking your identity to your content. What you need to do is be as consistent as possible when writing your articles, this because it’s a difficult process to increase your Author Rank, but easy to lower it

Continue To Use Google+ – Take advantage of Google+ and follow the guidelines which they set out. Learn how you should be properly formatting your posts, while considering how it appears in Search+. Make sure that you add the +1 button on your blog, which increases interaction while ultimately bringing in more traffic. What Google will take note of is how the web community engages with your content

Always Be Posting – Continue to post consistently while interacting with the various communities which interests you by adding a “+,” and then participating by commenting on the most popular posts. In turn, users of the various Google communities will then likely add you to their various “circles” once you engage with them


Select Your Niche – Know your area of expertise and interests, and then stick with them. This because Author Rank will be more variable when it comes to recognizing the diversification of topics. It’s more likely that you’ll be able to rank as an authority on one specific niche, rather than several

Always Be Networking on Google+ – Always be on the lookout for other authors who have high Author Rank in your Google communities, and then connect with them. Once you’re in their circle, you should then be able to share high quality content easier, which increases your own Author Rank

Claiming Authorship – Make sure that you use Google+ as your platform of identity, claim authorship on all your best prized content which will give you a head start once Author Rank is fully implemented. Once claimed, you’ll then get the visibility in the organic search results as your content will appear as a snippet, which should increase your click-through rate.

Do The Google Author Rank
What Google’s Author Rank wants is to identify you as a real person, as a genuine author, and will give you credit for it. They’re also trying to avoid ways for others who attempt to manipulate the search rankings.

What it comes down to is that it’s about building individual relationships with others as an Authority Rank author, rather than building links. So although content remains king, it’s not really exclusively about the content, but more about identity and relationships which are based on the content.


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