The Dark Side Of Money For Those Who Are Desperate

The only way to gain better control over your life, to raise your current standard of living, moving beyond just barely scratching to get by, is by offering something of value to the world. Something that others are willing to pay for. To offer a product that’s worth something.

This is the simple formula that applies to any economic entity, where demand is traded for monetary exchange, the benjamins. This includes all countries, corporations, and individuals.

What a self-sufficient thriving economy has, are its own natural resources or its own products and services, whether it’s extracted or manufactured, to be sold locally or exported to the world.

Similarly, individuals who are self-sufficient, offers something of personal value to trade in the marketplace, for the exchange of money.

This “thing” of value could be a natural talent, skill or interest. Something that you’re most passionate or proficient at.

In your quest to improve your current economic situation, it becomes important to understand certain foundational elements of economics, money, and value.

The only reason why we’re so intently focused on money, willing to steal and kill for, is because we’re able to exchange it for whatever we want.


This because the world has agreed that it’s money, currency, is to be used as the basis for the exchange of goods.

Money As Exchange
Say that I own a cow, it’s a good healthy cow.

What you have are eggs, from chickens.

I’ve got something you want, you’ve got something that I want.

Swapping my cow for your eggs however, wouldn’t be a fair monetary exchange for me, as my cow is worth more.

Or you might not want my cow, what you want is something else, something that I don’t have.

I might also not want your eggs, but want something that you don’t have, such as a car.

The Value Of Money
So what’s agreed upon is that a cow is worth a certain amount of money, certainly more than eggs, but usually less than a car.

A car costs a certain amount of money. So what money allows is for me to sell my cow for money, and then take that money to buy a car.

So what I did was essentially traded my cow for a car, using money as a means of exchange. It’s not money itself that is driving the economic engine, but it’s the exchange of it.


Ways Of Exchanging Money
What you can do is accept money, while giving back nothing of value in return.

This is known as a rip-off or a scam, where the exchange of money goes one way, where the accepting party gains money for usually giving back nothing in return.

You can shortchange someone, this by accepting money while giving back something that’s partial, something not exactly as promised, or it’s damaged or defective in some way.

It’s a lesser version of something that was “labelled” in a particular way, but wasn’t delivered as indicated.

The most common exchange is you accept or spend money, and then give or get something back exactly as promised. What the paying party was expecting.

This is a fair exchange, and the usual outcome of most transactions. Exact value was given for the money that was spent.

You can also accept money, and then give more than was expected or promised, which is rare but highly appreciated.

This is the best possible exchange that you can do.

This will increase your reputation, as most won’t provide more value or service than expected for the money received.

The Need Of A Product For Exchange
To engage in any type of exchange, what you need is a product that has some value, one that someone is willing to pay for.

It can also be some type of valuable service that can be exchanged, or some type of activity in fair return for support.

What needs to be realized by everyone involved, this by all nations, every corporation and individual, is knowing what the value of the product or service they’re providing is.

Once anyone offers a solution to a situation, to fix a problem, what needs to be known is exactly what the product or service is.

Once someone has a brilliant idea for a business, or needs financial assistance such as a loan, the first question that’s always asked is what’s the product, what service are you providing.

If the product has little value, then the exchange of money won’t occur.

A Flawed Plan
Any offer that relies too heavily on another persons goodwill, whim or contribution, is a flawed plan.

What it might provide is temporary relief, a short-term stop gap solution, but there’s no foundation for it’s sustainability.

The worst is selling someone hope.

To hype or scam someone that their product or service can potentially make them rich or healthy, this because of their exclusive “insider” knowledge.

This is the complete opposite of exchanging something of fair value, but instead it’s a total rip off.

For those who gain money this way, they can brand it as entertainment, where money is spent on chance, such as buying a lottery ticket.

For those multitudes who don’t win the lottery, won’t improve their lot in life, this because they didn’t get anything back of fair value in exchange for their hard earned money.

They’re just buying a dream.

A Fool And His Money
Coercing or motivating someone to spend their money on hope or greed, a gamble, such as a slot machine, has become the biggest and the most lucrative industry in the world.

This could be the casino or trading the stock market for novices, one that is a zero sum game. The house always wins.

It doesn’t provide any economic value whatsoever, other than the liquor store, or providing new jobs in the hospitality sector, while the proprietors become filthy rich.

When it comes to these situations, there’s a reason why the saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” rings true.

The odds are, the majority will become instantly broke and be thrown out on the street, this by gambling their entire life savings on a spin of the roulette wheel.

This is when the owners of these schemes instantly capitalizes on someones self pity.

Feeding off someones desperation this way, where they profit from the greed of the poor soul, is the very evil that money is.

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