The Advisers Recommend Water Is An Essential Ingredient For All Dieters!

Drinking pure clean refreshing crisp water is vitally important for a healthy diet. Did you know that if you don’t drink enough water, that you may not be helping with the progression of your diet at all? Current research proves that new dieters unknowingly suffer from mild to chronic dehydration, and yes, that may just apply to you. So it’s important keeping yourself hydrated is the first step to being healthy and productive.

Drinking lots of water and thus replacing the fluids that you lose, is the first essential plan for effective weight loss. Pure fresh water is required as it plays a role in the body’s biochemical process. So here is what drinking the required amount of daily water does specially for you as a dieter.

Your body to function properly needs to metabolize your body’s stored fat into energy. This is so important that, your entire body’s metabolism can slow down by even mild levels of dehydration. And as you know, the slower your metabolism is, the slower your weight loss is, and it also causes you to become tired easily. Then with further lack of water, your body and weight loss program will eventually grind to a halt! This is commonly known as the dreaded ‘diet plateau’.

Water also functions as a natural appetite suppressant. With a healthy hypothalamus, which is the region in your brain that controls and regulates your appetite and craving for food, also regulates hunger and thirst and since they are right next to each other, at times can overlap. This has its advantages as well as disadvantages for the dieter. What happens is chronically mild dehydration confuses the brains mechanism, leading it to feel hunger, rather than thirst. But it also means water can be used to reduce appetite. A recent test showed that when drinking a glass of water actually reduced nighttime hunger cravings for those on diets.

Adequate water in the body also is essential to the natural process that enables your muscles to contract, thus aiding in better muscle tone. A better defined muscle tone means better looking tone, and isn’t that what we all strive for?

Water also helps if you have sagging skin, especially after weight loss, as water nourishes and plumps the skin cells, giving your skin a younger, naturally healthier look.


Another benefit of drinking enough water is it helps rid the body of unwanted waste. During a diet, the body accumulates a lot of waste that it needs to get rid of. So the water assists in flushing out the bad.

Water can also help with constipation. When your body gets too little water, it siphons the water that it needs from within, particularly from the colon. This in turn leads to constipation. But normal bowel function returns to normal with adequate water intake.

So as you can see, having mild dehydration can cause a number of health and potential health related problems, in addition to it slowing down your diet plateau.

Symptoms Of Mild Dehydration Can Include:

– Periodical Headaches; including feeling light headed, as dehydration can interfere with normal body processes, like waste disposal
– Fatigue and Tiredness; as your body’s metabolism slows down – mild dehydration can cause daytime fatigue
– Constantly Being Hungry; these cravings are caused due to a weakening of your thirst mechanism
– Too Much Fluid retention in your body as it tries to naturally hold on to the water it already has
– Frequent Constipation; as your body tries to conserve its internal water sources

Once you have restored the water balance in your body, you have then reached the “breakthrough point”, a concept which was pioneered by Dr. Peter Lindner, an obesity expert. He says, “Once you have reached your breakthrough point, the fluid retention then eases, your liver as well as the endocrine system starts to function more effectively. You will then start to regain thirst and your hunger pangs and cravings will be reduced significantly. And this is where you will reach and sustain the breakthrough point and your body will be able to metabolize fat more effectively.”

So How Much Water Should You Be Drinking Daily?
Here are a few basic principles:

1) The easiest way to tell if you’re drinking enough water is check the color of your urine: It should be a clear stream or a slight pale yellow in color. (keep in mind that some supplements or medication you may be taking also affect the color).
2) Just get in the habit of drinking adequate amounts of water on a regular basis. Never wait to drink water when you’re thirsty, because once you’re thirsty, that means dehydration has already set in!

So adequate water intake for a normal average-weight adult when the weather is cool, is recommended at 8 x 8 oz glasses, and more when the weather is hotter, as you will perspire more. Also drink more water when you exercise. Most athletes will try to enhance their performance by maintaining optimal fluid balance while exercising, which is approximately…6 to 10 oz of fluid every 15 to 20 minutes. Even if you are not that concerned about your athletic performance, that much water should be drank when exercising in order to maintain peak hydration.

Another important thing you should remember; if you happen to be overweight, you will also need to add an extra glass of water for every 25 pounds you are overweight, as the extra weight creates extra metabolic demand.

So you’re wondering how you can drink so much water’ Well, diet experts say you should drink 3 glasses of water with every meal. Meaning 3 glasses with breakfast, 3 at lunch, and 3 with dinner. Plus the additional requirement of regular water between meals or when you’re exercising.

If you happen to be dieting, and are currently stalled on a weight loss plateau, you may be suffering from some classic symptoms of dehydration. Before you do anything else, make sure you have adequate water intake. It could be the missing ingredient in your diet plan and it can be fixed as easy as drinking 3 glasses of water with each and every meal.

Remember water acts as a natural appetite suppressant. So use it to your advantage. If you happen to be out shopping, take a bottle of water with you. If you want a late night snack, you can drink a glass of water. If you want a bit of a change, you can add a little bit of lemon juice to the water. The importance of drinking enough water cannot be expressed enough. So drink up!

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