The Do’s And Don’ts Of That Annual Staff Christmas Party

So it’s that time, that staff Christmas party. For some its the highlight of the year, and for others, just thinking about it produces a cold sweat. It is and should be a wonderful time to enjoy holiday cheer with your co-workers, but it can also be a trap with a host of pitfalls to avoid. Despite it’s a festive event and that time of year, keep in mind that its still a company work place function and you will be scrutinized by your peers and superiors if you step put of line. So a bit of workplace etiquette may be in order to get through that Christmas party with dignity and your job intact.

Make Sure You Dress Appropriately For The Function
After all, it is party time and not a job interview. But some bosses uses these social functions such as Christmas parties as an evaluation on whether you are job promotional material or not. Especially for women, make sure you dress appropriately, as in casual, yet elegant, but nothing too revealing like a low cut top or that short skirt.

For men, attire is pretty well standard, and what you wear should be neat and presentable, casual, nothing outlandish. If there happens to be a dress code, then that dinner suit and dress shoes will do.

Dress according to what is expected or designated. You fully supporting specific company initiatives, will earn you points for being a good sport and a team player.

Watch What You Drink.. As in Liquor
If the bash comes with an open bar, great… but it could be a trap. It’s awfully temptingly to kick back a few drinks or three or four to loosen yourself up in these social settings with your co-workers. But the last thing you don’t want is losing control and becoming bash in front of the company owners or your boss. So drink moderately and make sure you pace yourself. Try to alternate between beer and wine as well as non-alcoholic beverages.

Don’t Talk Or Gossip… Too Much
Obviously related to what and how much you drink. If you can’t hold your liquor, and happen to over consume, it lowers your inhibitions, which leads to uncontrolled behavior that you may rather forget and regret the morning after.


Casual talk with your peers can easily degenerate into mean gossip sessions, and although it will be tempting to complain and bitch about management or what or who you hate about work, you don’t want to be that person saying it at the party. It’s not the right place or time to rant… you drunk at the Christmas party and complaining about work.

Also, workplace romance is a common thing. Keep the mistletoe for another time and place. You may of had a major crush on that new employee for a while, and after a few drinks in you, you make a move… not advised. If it backfires, you still have to work with that particular person throughout the year.

Do NOT Talk About Work
Invariably it does, but try to stay clear of conversation that doesn’t involve or revolve around politics at work, first of all, because it’s boring.

Instead, think of some interesting topics ahead of time, and try to mix with other people that you normally don’t interact with. These situations usually bring out social anxiety for most, but if you take some type of initiative, you will then be remembered. But don’t try too hard to involve management as you may then be seen and branded as a major suck.

If you happen to bring a date to the Christmas party, make sure you clue them in on what to expect. You can practice and refine your social skills with introducing your date to others… co-workers and superiors, and leave a favorable impression with people around you.

Make Sure That You Are Not The Last To Leave
It could be a smashing Christmas party, the best ever, you were a star, but don’t be the last person in the room. That leaves the impression you are nothing but a party animal, yes you may be, but don’t make it too obvious.

If you feel a little too drunk, or you or your date isn’t feeling too well, then leave early. Don’t stay until the bitter end and make a negative scene.

Remember that these social functions is an analysis on your behavior as an employee and a person, so be polite and say thanks to your hosts and the party organizers before you leave.

Finally, be safe. If you drank too much, arrange for a cab ride home, take transit or go with a designated drive. Make sure you make it to work the next morning.

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