The Entire Medical Industry And Medical Doctors Are Not What They Are Quacked Up To Be – A Natural Health Approach

There always has been a long history of medical science breakthroughs which has continuously turned out to be nothing more than ‘old wives tales.’ Simply myths with no valid medical backing or reasoning. So they’re just opinions based on the facts and information that they had at that time. As new technologies arise, these so called medical “facts” have been proven over and over again not to be true. So they were actually not facts at all as they had no basis, they were simply opinions.

Medical science has always stated things to be true and validated, but in most cases, years and sometimes decades later, those so called facts has been found and proven not be to true at all. So these medical facts from years ago are now proving to be wrong, yet because it came from the medical field, they came across as factual, as if they were the authority back then and they “knew” the truth.

The entire medical industry is and should be the source of authority when it comes to a someone’s illness, health or disease. They constantly use big credible words like ‘proven scientific evidence’, or ‘scientifically tested’, or it’s been ‘scientifically proven’. The fact is, what they are really presenting to the masses are just theories, they are assuming and they constantly change over time.

Here are some examples of “Proven Medical Facts” that, over time have been proven to be completely wrong:
• Bloodletting was at one time proven to cure almost any illness. Now, all of a sudden it’s considered totally ineffective
• Margarine at one time was considered a much healthier alternative to butter. Today’s research proves that the exact opposite is true
• Eggs at one time were considered very bad for you because of high cholesterol content. Now new scientific research suggests that they are not really that bad at all, they are actually quite healthy for the body.
• Alcohol at one time, in all forms was once stated to be completely as in 100% unhealthy for you and therefore should not be consumed at all. Then the medical science community came out and said red wine is actually healthy for your heart. Now these same medics say that all types of alcohol, drank in moderation, actually has health benefits for your heart and body.
• At one time, sweets, such as chocolate and greasy oily foods were the cause of acne. Now medical research suggests and proves they do not contribute to acne at all.
• Medical experts and doctors once touted that manufactured baby formula was actually much better than moms breast milk. Now the exact opposite has been proven to be true.
• Drinking quantities of milk was once recommended for coating the stomach and thus alleviating stomach ulcers. Now it’s discouraged by the medical community and has been actually found to aggravate ulcers.
• Medical science had once stated that your ‘diet’ had absolutely no effect on illness or disease. Now it’s been proven over and over again that one’s diet has a large effect on the cause and prevention of disease.
• Doctors at one time said they had valid scientific evidence to prove that removing tonsils and the appendix improved one’s health and should be done to everyone. Now the medical community has reversed that theory.
• Children at one time who suffered from asthma were told to stay in an enclosed pool area because humidity was good for their asthmatic condition. Now new scientific research suggests that the chlorine contained in the pools actually will aggravate and make the asthma even worse
• Thousands upon thousands of drugs that have been approved by the FDA, as at that time, were said to be scientifically proven to be a cure or prevent disease, and were touted as being safe to use. Years later, most of them has been taken off the market, as new research has proven they will either not cure or prevent illness or diseases as originally thought, or those same drugs had such terrible side effects that they are just too dangerous for people to use.

The point is, once what was told by the medical community as the truth and thus fact, were just simply not true at all. It was the best “current theory” of the day or “thought of the day”, which historically is often overthrown by new research.

Those in the medical profession, the doctors and scientists are looked on as gods, and at times should be as they can save your life. Whatever comes out of their mouths is taken as the absolute truth. No one else has the authority to say or speak about anything related to: illness, health, or disease, who has the credibility of a doctor of medicine. But that is obviously proving to be simply wrong. Medical doctors after their training are ‘trained’ to do two things: prescribe the newest drug and receive a commission or cut out body parts when performing surgery. They are not really trained to prevent disease or illness and, most importantly, they have no training in preventative health, but just prescribing drugs or performing surgery.


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