The Flat Belly Diet And Losing Weight Part Of Your New Year Resolution

flatbellydietbookThe Flat Belly Diet can get you back to losing those pounds you may have packed on during the holidays. The Flat Belly Diet helps you to… well, get you a flat, sleeker belly. The website claims it’s all about attitude regarding the type of food you eat and not about doing 100 abdominal crunches and starving yourself to death. Those who reviewed the Flat Belly Diet says the Flat Belly programs gives you tips to eliminate that unwanted belly bulge – for good.

As the New Year resolutions rolls around, a lot of people are searching for sensible diet programs to lose some weight after divulging all that good food during the past two or so weeks. Our reviewers recently visited and found the program quite interesting in terms of how the Flat Belly Diet’s program approaches what you eat and it’s relationship to weight loss.

The book’s title states the following: A Flat Belly is all about food and attitude. If you follow the ‘Flat Belly Diet Book’, you will trim your bulgy waistline and then sculpt a mean, lean, sexy belly – all this without doing a single crunch! Crunch as in those painful sit ups and not the candy bar. The book also has easy effective workouts, eating tips for a flat tummy and advice to keep it off forever. The tips the Flat Belly Diet gives is everything you will ever need to help you flatten your stomach, as well as trim your waistline and strengthen your entire core – all in just 32 days or less.

If you go to their website, they claim you can do the following with the Flat Belly Diet program:

* Lose around 15 pounds in 32 days
* Tone up, trim and tighten up to 12 inches of belly fat
* Eat the proper foods to a sleeker physique
* Look younger and eradicate stress
* Plus, lots more helpful healthy advice

The ‘Flat Belly Diet’ book is written by Liz Vaccariello and Cynthis Sas, who are Prevention Nutrition Editors.

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