The Next Generation 3G Apple iPhone – Bigger, Better, Faster And More Affordable?

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The new 3G iPhone which is slated to be released later this summer, also appears to be a lot more affordable, as hinted by Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. So you have to wonder, what about all the loyal Apple followers who originally purchased the iPhone when it was first released last year? They paid double the price of the new anticipated lower price, just for the privilege of owing the iPhone and being a loyal Apple fan. It seems now that anyone who wants the new 3G iPhone will be able to afford one.

Almost 12 months ago, there were lineups of eager buyers looking to first purchase the iPhone, that extended several times around the block. Some even lined up for days, attempting to be first to buy the new mobile marvel technology that was to be world’s first hand held computer.

With over 4 million “sold” iPhone’s later, there is new renewed hype over the newest version of the iphone, the new 3G iPhone, which is proclaiming to be bigger, better, faster. Steve Jobs has said, “Most of the original iPhone owners has always said that the original iPhone is great, but it needs a bit of work”. Well, he has kept the improvements under wraps until recently.

Apple’s first improvement for the iPhone was to upgrade the phone’s previously slow internet connection. It has been modified to work over 3G, or the third generation wireless network. Apple has also enabled the iPhone to operate on a faster GPS connection.

So… what does happen to the loyal Apple lovers who originally spent hundreds for the first iPhone just last year?
“The overall thinking is that there will be a fair amount of anger for those who jumped too early… ”

With competitors like another fruit turned hi-tech, the Canadian owned Blackberry mobiles, as well as the Microsoft Smartphone both hot on their heels, Apple feels their challenge is to stay ahead of the curve by making improvements and thus hopefully keeping the consumer interest high.


The brand new iPhone which was unveiled Monday morning, June 9, 2008, at an Apple Developers Conference. Steve Jobs announced that a more efficient smarter computer chip had been upgraded on the iPhone, which should also improve battery life, another complaint.

AT&T who has the exclusive connectivity rights on the iPhone in the U.S, said that although the original iPhone costs $399+ today, it is anticipated that the new next-generation, 3G iPhone may cost around $199.

The present iPhone connects onto the Internet with download speeds of 70 Kbps to 135 Kbps. Using 3G technology, mobile devices would be able to download at around 600Kbps to 1.5 Mbps, this according to AT&T.

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