The PepperJam Network Is The Next Generation In Affiliate Advertising And Marketing


The Pepperjam Network Advertising Network is a media outlet that has finally been launched. The Pepperjam affiliate program has been in ‘Beta Mode’ for quite a while now and is finally ready to open its virtual doors. PepperJam, founded by Kris Jones, is an industry standard and leading internet marketing affiliate agency which was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing businesses in the US.

PepperJam Describes Themselves As An Affiliate Marketing Network

The Pepperjam Network is the next generation in affiliate marketing. The backbone of The Pepperjam Network combines over seven years of development, combined with user feedback and ideas from hundreds of their loyal affiliate marketers and publishers. The Pepperjam Network, according to Kris Jones, will change the face of affiliate marketing by re-establishing and giving back the authority to the affiliate. This will build and strengthen a long term profitable bond and partnership between the publisher and advertiser.

Some Features And Advantages Of Joining The PepperJam Affiliate Network
* The Pepperjam Network promises better communication and better tools for it’s publishers and advertisers
* The Pepperjam Network allows for direct communication between its affiliates and advertisers in real time via their Pepperjam Chat system
* The Pepperjam Network uses the latest in Web 2.0 technology to provide their affiliates, publishers and advertisers with an easy to navigate, clean interface
* The Pepperjam Network offers an industry leading SID-level reporting and tracking system for their affiliates
* The Pepperjam Network offers pepperjamADS, which is an affiliate marketing widget that publishers can use to place direct targeted contextual ads from the multiple Pepperjam advertisers simultaneously
* The Pepperjam Network offers a knowledge vault for their Pepperjam affiliates, which is an exclusive resource of tools and educational products and programs
* The Pepperjam Network presently has over 100 merchants and is growing quickly. Some of the advertisers include: SEOmoz, Blockbuster, FlyCell, Jelly Belly, SinglesNet, AeroGrow, just ot mention a few.
* The Pepperjam Network has an regularly updated Blog featuring videos and articles for its affiliate and advertisers community

Join The PepperJam Network
Pepperjam Network is a completely free affiliate marketing network to join. Approval of acceptance for new affiliates takes around 48 hours after you confirm your email address.

You Can Apply Here

Better Merchants. Better Affiliates.

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