The Principles Of Yin-Yang As Relative To Modern Day Living

yin yang brought to modern dayOur entire lives, the entire existence of anything living on this planet, the process of our being can be a divide of contrasts, black and white, good and evil, yes and no, yin-yang.

Yet, we’ve all heard that the so called dark-side can actually bring forth new light and hope.

We all have somewhere, perhaps in the recesses of our being, hidden dormant in the back of our minds, our own dark side which we dare to poke.

It’s often suppressed, buried, and controlled into submission. Then consider the possibility that it’s you that controls its current submissive form.

Recently, you, your life, you’ve been busy, active, and more importantly, settled. Yet, you perform best when in times of turmoil which stirs your drive, at times for yourself while more often for others.

It may have been a life full of celebration of activity with those that you haven’t had much time for, or much reflection with. But once you have, your mood and thoughts have been loud, crisp, and clear.

Winter is fading and with it goes the never ending turmoil of eternal. Perhaps that’s the dark-side, your dark passenger that’s leaving you, in turn filtering in new light. Some wonder what that even means.


Welcome To The Dark Side We Have Cookies
The dark side, you see, has been pronounced, exaggerated, and set to doom. There’s no denial that we all have one, regardless of how saint you consider yourself to be.

Think about it, it could be just the simple annoying things which you don’t like about yourself, the fidgeting, the subtle irritating habits you wish to rid of.

This could be a bad behavior of self sabotage, procrastination, or a poor attitude which you’ve been told isn’t that nice. There are a lot of small elements which can make up your dark side.

It’s often suppressed, buried, ignored, not to be recognized or embraced, it’s usually forgotten and not thought about. Rather than knowing that it exists, acknowledging that it’s there, you would just prefer to turn your back to these afflictions.

Going Full Circle
We suppress the negative aspects of it, but here’s the rub. Whatever that you deny, owns you. Whatever that you accept, gives you empowerment, giving you back your strength.

Deny it, and whatever that you resist will become persistent. The irony of it is, is that the “whole” consists of both the dark and the light to come full circle.

What we all have is cold and hot, love and hate, reactive and proactive, night and day, good and evil, and every other duality which exists on this planet. What all of these does is serves its own purpose.

Once knowing this, you then have the opportunity to integrate your own yin-yang, your dark and light, and then experience the completeness, the wholeness of who you are or want to be.

So Just Become You
What being your true genuine self is empowerment itself. What needs to be avoided are the easy mind-traps of self consciousness which you create for yourself.

What you’re doing is keeping some of the best potential experiences in your life from ever happening. You might ask yourself, “Well, if it never happened, then how do I know that it would have even been a good experience?”


If that experience doesn’t even occur, then you’re also forever haunted by what may or could have been. You could most likely recall some of these experiences. There’s not a human known that’s not experienced this, at least once in their lives.

What Could Of Been What Could Of Been
This often occurs when our moods are down, in times of despair or confusion, that we experience this type of hesitation a lot more often.

These ups and downs we realize are a part of life, and in perspective it’s true, we can call on who we are by being in the moment, right now, while still experiencing it with wonder and discovery.

So get yourself out of this mood and project yourself into the moment. Just allow the mood to be, and don’t allow to be controlled by it, this by being with it.

Living In The Now Moment
Once this occurs, the opportunity to be able to live the fullest experience in this moment that’s available to you. Make sure that you seize the opportunity and the possibility.

Know the beautiful person that you are who’s standing right in front of you, and then find out more of who you really are. The wholeness and the fullness, the entirety of your complete true being.

It’s that pure blend of doing and being. What you’re doing is being you, at this very moment, with your mood for company, living as still as possible for now, this moment to encounter.

Your feelings just are and you’re accepting them, you also open yourself to new emotional energy which you can move into. Life then becomes a wonder, our bodies become a wonder, and the experiences become rich.

The Passage To Freedom
We’ve all seen or know those people who are completely free, to be able to dance in the rain on a busy sidewalk, to close their eyes and sing their song, their arms spread out while embracing the earth.

So what are the self-conscious traps that are currently holding you back from being, being from who you are or capable of becoming. You need to admire those who do. To be free is being free with yourself. You need to set yourself afloat, it’s entirely your choice.


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