The Skinny On “The Flat Belly Diet” As Featured On Rachel Ray’s TV Show

flatbellydietbookThe Flat Belly Diet book made prime time TV, as it was featured on the popular Rachael Ray Show and here is a video clip. The segment describes exactly what the eating and diet plan in the book entails. Rachel Ray, in the video features a woman who took the popular flat belly diet plan and has lost over 50 pounds in the past 6 months using the popular plan.

—-SO WHAT IS THE Flat Belly Diet?—–
Eating certain fats that are healthy for you, reduce belly fat, claims Cynthia Sass, the co-author of the ultra popular ‘Flat Belly Diet’ book. She is also the nutrition specialist of ‘Prevention Magazine’.

So how does this flat belly diet differ from the other diets out there and why do you claim that it is a breakthrough diet?

There are 4 distinct things/reasons why this diet is different:

(1) – It is based on solid scientific research, including long term studies as well as recent studies.
(2) – It’s developer Cynthia Sass, is a very well known and popular registered dietitian in the United States. Cynthia Sass has a Masters Degrees in both: Public Health and Nutritional Sciences. She has also been a spokesperson for ‘The American Dietetic Association’ for over six years, and has counseled people on health issues for 15 years.
(3) – The ‘Flat Belly Diet’ was tested on 10 women and 1 man during the summer of 2007, with enormous success.
(4) – A “maintenance phase” of this diet is not required, as is with other popular diets – it is a diet plan you can use for life.

The Rachel Ray Show Discusses The ‘Flat Belly Diet‘

So What Are The 5 Flat Belly Foods
The following ingredients, according to Cynthia Sass, holds the power to transform your body and reduce fat. It will also lengthen your life by you living healthier. The secret is the magical “MUFA” (which are good fats!)

To the Greeks, olive oil is considered liquid gold. To the Aztecs, chocolate was a divine secret. The Egyptians praised Almonds, and the avocado has symbolized fertility for many centuries.


These valuable foods all share more than a glorious historic past. They are also the foundation of the ‘Flat Belly Diet’ plan as they all share similar unique health values. They are all packed with mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs, pronounced MOO-fahs for short). These healthy fats protect you from chronic diseases and can help you in losing unwanted belly fat, specifically if you are chubby in the middle. These foods are the main ingredients of the ‘Flat Belly Diet‘.

The Five Categories of MUFAs:
(1) certain oils
(2) nuts and seeds
(3) avocados
(4) olives and olive oil
(5) dark or semi-sweet chocolate

Eating at least one serving of any of these foods during the day, will assist in reducing the accumulation of dangerous belly fat. If you also control your calorie intake, you will then lose inches as well as pounds, around your waistline.

There are mouth-watering delicious recipes that make the consumption of MUFA easy. Each of the portions contain a high level of yummy MUFAT, along with suggestions to create meals that only contains around 400 calories per serving. This intake will control your hunger as well as boost your energy. You can easily adapt the meals recommended in the ‘Flat Belly Diet’ book menu plan into your own lifestyle. Even if you don’t completely follow the recommended diet plan, you can still enjoy MUFAs and their enormous health benefits.


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