The Top 9 Freelance Writing Jobs You Can Get Paid For On The Internet

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The internet provides a great medium if you are or wanting to become a freelance writer. Equates to freedom. If you are interested in marketing your self for a great home based writing gig, then look no further, the web is waiting for your talented services. There are literally 100s of thousands of websites who are eager to pay top notch writers to write material for them. So finding buyers for your writing just got a lot easier.

Writer Beware
While there are countless opportunities for getting and securing excellent paying jobs on the net for writers, and incidentally that’s where you should be focusing your services, there are also numerous websites that will ask you to write material for “exposure”, or to display samples of your work. As this method may work in some circumstances, especially if you’re promoting a blog or website or an ebook that you’ve written or are promoting. In this case publishing your ‘samples’ may prove beneficial as the particular site may offer great links back to you or references. Otherwise don’t waste your time.

Generally, if you are interested in getting paid for your written material on the net, ignore the majority of those who want you to write for them or anyone else for free. There are easy ways to find paid freelance writing gigs instead. The first step is to just type “pay” into a search engine like Google, with the kind of writing that you want to provide. For example, if you’re wanting to be paid for say… writing tech reviews, enter “paid tech reviews” with quotes in the search engines.

Here Are The Top 9 Ways That You Can Get Paid Writing On The Web:

1.) Get Paid Writing Essays and Articles
Whatever your niche topic or interests may be, there are a lot of people who will pay you to write essays and/or articles regarding those ‘interests’ online. Just remember that when you are write articles for online readers, you’re writing for the general public that is the web, so your written material should be a little less dense than if you would write for print.

2.) Write Unbiased Reviews
There is always a market that will pay you for your reviews on: books, goods and services, DVDs or CDs., tech and electronics, travel and vacations etc., whatever your interests may be. There are sites which will hire you for your fair honest reviews.


3.) Write For Blogs or Your Own Blog
Blogs opens the doors and windows to the world of instant publishing and opinions. There are some blogging jobs that pay very well for your services. These are known as freelance bloggers or pro bloggers. These writers just navigate their way through cyberspace making great money writing for blogs on a variety of sites and subjects, blogs that they don’t even own. There are some pro-bloggers who freelance themselves for dozens of blogs at a time. And their income is excellent.

4.) Write Ebooks and Reports
Ebooks are a virtual invention which had its start in the early 2000’s and now these PDF written works of art has become an internet commodity. Well written niche specific books are in high demand due to their ease of publishing and their viral spreading nature. The majority of ebooks that are written are quite short, averaging around 30 to 40 pages in length, although some intensive in depth ebooks can be up to 200 or so pages. The word length on these ebooks can be from 500 words up to around 30,000 words.

There is a very high demand for well written ebooks – private companies, internet marketers, website owners and marketers etc. will pay you to write them. If you enjoy researching and writing longer than average projects, then get into writing ebooks for a living, you will be in demand.

Reports are the baby brothers of ebooks. They are shorter and generally the subject matter can be a lot more technical or prompt in nature describing a process or a set of directions. They usually run around two to four thousand words in length, and the titles are easy specific. Like ebooks, writing reports for freelancers are in high demand.

6.) Write Short Stories (Fiction)
There are a variety of specialized site sites that routinely publish short stories for their website visitors. If you like or are interested in writing fiction, you can then write stories which will be published in full, or you can stories which run as segments or episodes, which will be sent out to their readers or published on their websites.

7.) Write Tutorials Technical Writing
Do you know how to do anything on a technical or mechanical basis? Whatever your exact skills may be, if you can precisely write instructions in a clear concise manner, you can then teach them to other interested parties by creating tutorials. For this market, the virtual sky’s the limit, so let your inspiration guide you. An example of this would be to write a step by step guide on how to use a specific piece of software.

8.) Write And Get Paid For Your Tips and Opinions
There are some sites on the internet who publish thousands of ‘how to’ tips, while other websites send out tips or short answers as email or text messages. Similar to writing tutorials, whatever your particular skills may be, you can package them as ‘tips’ and there are eager buyers who will buy them. So if you have an opinion about something? Anything… and who doesn’t. You can get paid for simply expressing them.

9.) Write Affiliate Sales Materials
Affiliate marketing is absolutely huge online and is probably the biggest segment of online marketing. Because it is one of the premier industries on the internet, online marketers will hire and outsource freelance writers to write marketing materials for them. These may include ebooks or quick reports for them to sell.

Just Get Started
So there you go, listed are the Top 9 ways where you can easily start down the road to freelance freedom by writing for the web and getting paid for it. These are only a few examples and we just scratched the surface. There are also intensive writing jobs that require top notch copywriting skills for example. These include writing website content or website sales pages. These are all jobs that are out there that any writer or writer wanna be can scoop up and make a living from home.

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