The Top Christmas Gift Ideas For 2008 – Get Your Kids What They Want This Year

Disappointment in your child’s eyes is not what you want to see this Christmas 2008, so it is advisable to get a head start on your Christmas gift shopping. Like it or not, Xmas is quickly approaching, yet we all know it is the best and most wonderful time of year. Every Christmas season brings out the joy and wonder, not only in your children, but for everyone of us adults as well. How can you resist the wonderful red and green decorations, the sugar cookies, the parties, oh… and the presents!

Every child especially loves this time of year that is Christmas and the festive season. They especially enjoy baking that gigantic gingerbread house with mom and dad, or making that snowman and decorating the Christmas tree. What every kid loves the most however, is getting and opening presents! The right presents, the presents that they want.

    Here is a list of the top toys for this Christmas 2008 – This is what your children are wishing for this year:

This is a list of the top gifts that your little boy or girl, niece or nephew wants and will love to see under the tree. See the joy on their faces when they rip open the Christmas wrapping and find…

Star Wars Clone Trooper Voice Changer
This is for the Star Wars fans on your list, get the Star Wars Clone Trooper Voice Changer, as it is in high demand this year. The voice changer does not disappoint as it changes and amplifies the voice so your son or daughter will sound just like a trooper! This full sized helmet is large enough to fit all kids and it speaks signature phrases from the movie as well.

Rescue Pals Swim To Me Puppy
This is one cute toy and thus in demand. The Rescue Pals Swim To Me Puppy is all set for your child to play with and will give them hours of fun. This is a frisky little pup that swims, it comes with its very own swim goggles, a small puppy sized towel and a puppy adoption certificate. The perfect Christmas pet!

My Life
If your daughter is over six years old, she will love ‘My Life!’ This is a virtual ‘life simulator’, that will allow her to create her very own custom character, which allows her to shop until shes drops, play virtual games as well as send and receive messages from her other My Life Friends. It looks like a cross between a cellphone and an iPod, so she will love how trendy and sleek it looks as well.


High School Musical 3 Dance Mat
Is this popular or what? There is hardly a boy or girl who hasn’t yet seen High School Musical 3. Every kid knows the songs, they all love the dancing, and now they can also dance along with the High School Musical 3 dance mat. This is a very in demand present for all dancers, singers and the performers in your house.

FurReal Biscuit, My Lovin’ Pup
This is for the kid who has ever wanted their own puppy – so here’s the answer – the very popular “FurReal Biscuit, My Lovin’ Pup.” This puppy is a 24 inch lifelike puppy that looks and acts real. He will bark and play, will do tricks and thus will make a great present and companion for your child. And the best part? You don’t have to clean up the mess this pooch doesn’t make.

Elmo Live
Elmo is universally loved, this Elmo will come alive more than ever before with Elmo Live. This little red fur ball is one of the premier popular Sesame Street characters and he now speaks. Elmo will also sing, tells funny jokes, sits and waves his arms and will cross his legs. Elmo Live is a lot of fun for your little loved one who is an Elmo fan.

Cupcake Maker

What little girl or boy does not love cupcakes? The young bakers in your family will want this bake toy for Christmas this year. They can bake cupcakes as well as decorate them with ice frosting and sprinkles to complete the baking presentation.

Bakugan™ Starter Pack
Get ready to battle with the Bakugan warriors who are deciding the fate of the galaxy near you. Your kids can play along as they help bring these warriors to life by rolling the spheres on Gate cards. Strategy is the game in this ultimate battle! A very popular in demand present.

Baby Born® with Magic Potty

Baby Born has been around for a while, yet this baby is still a favorite for any little girl on your list who loves to play with baby dolls. This Baby Born doll is presently potty training and comes with her own little potty and many other accessories.

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