The Top Traditional Recommended Valentines Day Flowers And Gifts

a bouquet of flowers for valentines dayGiving flowers on Valentine’s Day has always been that special message of love, as well as being a long standing tradition that goes back for centuries.

Flowers are still and traditionally have been the most favored and the most popular romantic gift that you can give. The beautiful look of flowers along with succulent chocolates, or other special valentines day gifts, celebrates those that are in love on this special day. If you are not quite sure which perfect flower to give to your valentine’s this year…

A List Of The Top Flowers That Are Recommended For Valentine’s Day
Roses are the tradition. They are naturally the number #1 romantic flower you can give and express. These colorful delicate flowers are loved because they symbolically portray the message of love with it’s sweet aroma which emanates from their smooth silky petals. They actually come in over 100 different variations, types and colors. You can never go wrong when giving the gift of roses as they will never get boring or become outdated.

Lilies are a variety of very popular flowers at this time of year. They are romantic and are graced with elegance. Lilies offer that special touch which is very much appreciated on Valentine’s Day. You can combine it with a teddy bear, champagne or smooth sweet chocolates. They give the perfect message of “Honey, I Love You”. Lilies also come in several color choices including: pink, orange, white or red. They uniquely stand out and are a very pretty romantic choice of flower to receive as well as give.

The beautiful carnations are an outstanding and popular choice of flower that is given on Valentine’s Day. Their appearance, color and aroma has always been considered very romantic. The carnations slightly ruffled appearance can be viewed as very feminine in nature, so they make an excellent choice to give the woman in your life on this romantic day. They come in a variety of spectacular colors that you can choose from.

Alstroemeria is another solid popular flower you can give on Valentine’s Day. Its appearance and texture is very similar to the lily flower. So much so, that the alstroemeria is also known as: The Lily Of The Incas or The Peruvian Lily. These unique flowers are the most perfect beautiful gift for your special valentine. Yes, the name may be hard to pronounce, but they one of the most popular flowers at this time of year.

Some say tulips are the perfect romantic flower. Their appearance is simple, yet very elegant. They exude romance, thus making it an ideal gift for the woman of your life who enjoys beauty. These popular flowers are a perfect token of love during this ‘Season of Love’, which is Valentines day. They come in a variety of colors, in which pink and red being the most popular.


So there you have it. A short list on the most popular romantic Valentines day flowers. Each has it’s own unique characteristics and are all popular in its own uniqueness, whether that may be beauty, aroma or tradition.

It may be astute on your behalf to consider what your romantic sweetheart prefers before buying a particular type of bouquet. There are some women that are actually not fond of roses, but adore lilies or carnations. So you want to make sure that the flowers you choose from your online florist are the ones that she’ll enjoy and appreciate the very most.


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