The Very Cool New And Refreshing iPod Nano 4th Generation Music Machine Reviewed

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Apple is on the newness warpath once again with the recent launch of their new iPods. This without a doubt never fails to bring an air of techno excitement to each and every iPod fan. The brand new Nano in its 4th Generation, is dubbed “the thinnest iPod Nano” ever, has also been one of the most worst kept secrets in Apple’s recent history. The preview images of their new baby, the Nano the 4th, were leaked and posted around on internet forums and blogs, days before it’s release.

This new Nano has been redesigned, different from the shorter fatter shape of the previous Nano 3rd Generation as it now went on a much needed diet and stands tall, proud and thin which coincidentally resembles the 1st & 2nd gen versions. This new 4th Gen Nano has been redesigned and fully modernized creating for much easier eye candy. The outside casing is an stylized curved oval shape, with a glass screen and aluminum housing.

The best techno feature of this iPod Nano is the accelerometer, previously only seen in Apple’s iPhone. This allows the shuffling of tracks by just shaking the iPod, the music tracks will then automatically randomize. Another new Nano feature is the ‘Cover Flow’ which will allow you to browse current release album covers when the iPod 4th Gen is turned in landscape mode.

For Dension owners, there’s good news as the new iPod, as well as the revised iPod Touch works with Dension’s Gateway systems, provided the newer firmware is installed. The Nano the 4th has the 5v charging system which is guaranteed to work with the Gateway, which had previous problems with the iPhone.

So Whats New Is Really Old?
So if you really take a close look at these new iPods, you will soon discover there’s not really that much you didn’t have before. The new 4th Gen Nanos does however come is a fresh variety of cool colors.

The iPods are just generally glorified video and music players. It’s really the techo digital equivalent of what car manufacturers do every three or four years, they redesign. Create a new design, slap on a fresh coat of paint and that instantly sells more product. The look is different, you add a few new features, but at the end, it basically looks and works the same as the previous models.


Apple’s iTunes Genuis
Perhaps the best new feature for this iPod is an update to the Apple’s iTunes software that you run on your computer to manage your music library. It’s called the iTunes Genius, and has received rave reviews as users are using it to suddenly discover new music.

So what you do is select a song from your library, and the iTunes Genius will then suggest related songs, songs and music that may be missing from that particular artist, or other artists in the same genre that the Genius thinks that you’ll enjoy.

Well, if you are a music junkie and always looking for new songs, the iTunes Genius is all about making you buy more songs. But for most, the suggestions so far has been excellent. Since it’s release, 1000’s of new songs have been suggested and sold based on the references.

The iTunes Genius also creates play lists, you just simply select songs in your library, select the Genius icon on your task bar. A song play list of up to 100 songs will instantly be suggested and generated based on the music in your library.

The iTunes Genius playlist is also available for the iPhone and iPods, allowing you to create play lists on the go.

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