TheNewsRoom Pays Bloggers And Website Owners To Mash News Feed Content

The News Room is the broadcasting arm of Voxant, the Viral Syndication Network that allows website owners and bloggers to legally publish licensed news videos, text articles and photos and get paid for it. As a publisher, you can earn a share of the advertising revenue every time the “mashed” or embeded news is viewed on your website. TheNewsRoom offers an innovative payment program that allows earnings of up to $4 per thousand impressions (CPM).

Established content providers for The News Room include industry standards such as: Associated Press (AP), Reuters, Agence France-Press (AFP), HowStuffWorks, Newscom, NHL Network, Vibe, CBC etc.etc. amongst other established news feed sources. Topics are categorized by actual news events and subjects including: US News, World News, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Press Releases etc. allowing you to mash specific topics that match your website or blog.

The revenue for The News Room is generated through pre-roll video and/or banner ads that appear before each “mashed” story or video feed. The revenue is a split between Voxant, the news content provider and the web publisher.

Registration is free and easy to become a web publisher. TheNewsRoom also offers Loyalty Program Prizes. When you publish news feeds on your website, you are also eligible for prizes including: electronics, vacations and cars as part of the loyalty program.

Voxant and TheNewsRoom is a step towards what the future of mainstream news presentation will be. Here is a sample of the ease of mashing a category…


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