Thoof – A Definition From The Urban Words of Social Networking Terminology

Thoof is a “peer to peer” networking and information sharing community site that gathers stories and pieces of information submitted by fellow member thoofer bloggers and from websites around the (like they used to say decades ago) “Information Superhighway”. But what is a thoof. Do you thoof or are you thoofed”? Decided to do some in depth, behind the scenes internet research on what the true meaning and the origin of thoof is…

Thoof… The true scientific definition of OOF, which is short for and will in the future possibly become a nickname and possibly an acronym of thoof, which happens to be a social networking site that actually predicts what you want to read and discuss… is as follows:

Now this definition is from the Center for Theoretical and Computational Materials Science CTCMS

OOF: Definition – Finite Element Analysis of Microstructures

So there you have it. Mystery solved. Exactly what they said. Thoof is a Finite Element Analysis of Microsctructures.

What? Still not convinced?
Ok.. here is a better definition.

thoof (thooof, thooof) Pronunciation Key
n. pl. thooves (thoovz, thooovz) or thoofs


1. social networking link sharing site that provides for personalized news or articles, videos or photos from blogs and websites that is based on your personal preferences.
2. Thoof tracks readers by using a user identification tracking algorithm that relies and matches news based on story personalization
2. Slang The thoofer.

v. thoofed, thoof·ing, thoofs

This is from the dictionary of Web 2.0 Urban Words of Social Networking Terminology.. so it must be right.

Thoof also has a rating system which is called “ThoofRank”. What ThoofRank does is it measures how interesting and important a story is to other thoof readers who are interested in stories or news items with similar topics. An article or story ranked 50% by ThoofRank means that the article is recognized by other readers as above average. In order for members to get their posts rated, a ThoofRank badge code is attached on their post on their blog or website.

Other than ThoofRank, the developers of this site has also introduced other features such as “Searching By Source”, Submitter as well as Recent Activity. These features were added due to user feedback. They listen to their members and take action to improve the interactivity. Thoof, the true definition is… It works.

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