Tips for Building Traffic Through Tag and Ping

The tag and ping method of marketing has a lot to recommend it, but it is of course important to use this powerful tool the right way. Like any tool, there is a right way and a wrong way to use tagging and pinging, and only the right method will get you the results you are seeking.

One of the most critical parts of tag and ping, of course, is choosing the right tags. Just as the choice of keywords can make or break a search engine optimization strategy, using the right tags can greatly increase traffic to the site, and have a significant impact on the profitability of the web site. It is important to take the time to do keyword research using tools like Word tracker to find out which terms most people use to search for your particular product.

Make a list of the 40 or 50 keywords and phrases that best describe the information contained in your web site and your blog posts.Keep a list of these keywords handy as you write your posts. As you write posts that can use these tags, be sure to use those popular words to tag your posts.

The best keywords, or tags, of course are those that are very popular but also very noncompetitive. There are a surprising number of these words out there, especially in smaller niche categories, but it can take some time to uncover them and use them effectively.

Another great way to find out what people are searching for right now is to take a look at the tag clouds at sites like Delicious and Technocratic. These tag clouds make it easy to see which tags are most popular, since the most popular search terms appear in the largest fonts. It is important to use these tags, along with tags you uncover on your own. Using only tags from the tag clouds will not be as effective a strategy, since everyone else will be using the same tags and your post could quickly drop off the radar screen as new posts are added.

Taking a look at the top bogs at the Technocratic web site is another good way to find popular tags related to your area of the market. It is a good idea to write down these tags and keep them for future reference. These ideas may even be able to spark a new blog post or web posting that you can use to increase traffic right now.

There is no doubt that tagging and pinging is a powerful internet marketing strategy, and there is also no doubt that using this method is a great way to build the targeted traffic that gets
results. The key is to do your homework and learn how to use this powerful method to its best advantage.


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