To Become A Winner Try Being A Child Again – Using The 11 Forgotten Laws

So have you ever wondered what those truly ultra successful people have or do, that makes them successful? Or wonder why and how those top salesman in your company manage, month after month, get the most sales or the most recruits, the largest bonuses, the biggest paychecks? And why is it that month after month, it’s always the same individuals?

Well here’s a bit of a secret. No one really starts out as a champion performer. Most of these people started out quite modestly.

So What’s The Difference Between A Champion And A Chump?
Champions have an unique attitude, they all share a distinct mindset that sets them apart from the crowd. Most of these qualities however are not really that exceptional and thus attainable by anyone.

It’s true that each and every one of us possess the same qualities when we are younger and just starting out in life. But somewhere, somehow, along the way, some of us tend to lose that quality and that effectively diminishes our potential.

To Become A Winner… Learn To Become A Kid Again

1. Champions are always Willing to Learn New Things.
Kids like us come into this world with a built in, innate desire to learn, to understand how the world works around us.

They are absolute sponges while observing and then absorbing every thing they see, every reaction. It’s a built in feature as their survival depends on it.

One of the key and most often repeated qualities we all need to succeed in business is, a strong willingness to learn – to be able to be teachable.


To become a winner, you must be willing to be constantly learning, thus reinventing yourselves to new methods. You must be open and able to read about, learn and then absorb everything you need to know, even if concepts are completely new to you.

If You Don’t Do This… You Are Doomed To Failure

2. Winners are always Willing to Act
Have you ever noticed how kids completely gear themselves towards action and constant forward momentum? As soon as they learn something different like a new skill, they want to immediately put it into action.

Most winners are the same. They instantly put their newly learned skill to immediate use without thought. Anything that will take them to that next level.

They know that they must be on top of the game and immediately act on what they have just learned, even if they haven’t perfected it yet. They do a lot of trial and error testing.

3. Winners are Not Afraid to Fail
Just as kids will pick themselves up again and again, every time they fall or fail while taking their first steps, winners are also not afraid to fail and fall down and look forward to it as a building block.

They know that failing at something is the best teacher and the closer to the next attempt which may be a winner. They learn quickly from their mistakes and constantly fine tune their method or system until they succeed.

Champions have the built up courage to fail and then fail again and not be discouraged. They just pick themselves up without a second thought.

4. Winner are always Willing to Adapt
Darwin in his wisdom got it wrong.
Survival actually does not happen to the Fittest, but to those who are the Most Adaptable.

When we were kids, we were able to adapt to long term change quite easily. We were willing to accept new and different situations and then adapt our behavior accordingly.

Unfortunately, as we all grow older, we become a lot more rigid in our thinking, unwilling to be open and accept that yes, there may be a better way of doing things.


As business is a constantly moving and changing target, resistance or ignorance to change makes us obsolete. We end up losing to the players who has an understanding of changing trends.

Winners are those who are able to adapt themselves and their business to constant change.

5. Winners are Willing to Innovate
Kids are amazingly and extremely inventive beings. They start out in life with no absolute preconceived notions of how to do things. In their minds, they know no limits to what they are able to do or how they can do it.

Winners apply the very same principles to take their business to the next level.

They are not only able to learn from what has been done in the past, they also find new ways of doing it better and more efficiently, or cheaper, or more successfully.

But keep in mind that you don’t have to be a kid in all respects to be successful. It’s really probably not even desirable.

But if you feel that your preconceived notions, or fears and hesitations are stopping you from reaching your ultimate goals, try then looking at the world through the eyes of a child.

You will then be able to improve your chances of success in business, and at worst, you’ll remain young at heart.

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