Top 10 Side Effects On Health When Not Getting Enough Sleep

7. Can Damage The Skin

Even just having one poor night of beauty sleep can do is cause puffiness and dark bags under the eyes, along with sallow skin. What severe sleep deprivation does is results in a pale wrinkly dried out complexion.

What not getting enough sleep does is impacts the elasticity of the skin. What deprivation does is leads to excess stress, which forces the body to produce more of the cortisol hormone, which breaks down protein in the skin, preventing it from being elastic and smooth.

6. Increased Risk Of Diabetes

What constant long-term lack of sleep over time, can do is raise the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes. Getting less than 6 hours of sleep per night, or more than 9 hours, does is increases the prevalence of impaired glucose intolerance, along with increasing diabetes mellitus.

How the body reacts to a lack of sleep, is similar to how it reacts to insulin resistance, this when the cells fails to use the insulin efficiently, which is a known precursor to diabetes.

5. Can Cause Weight Gain

What getting adequate regular sleep does is helps you maintain a healthy appetite and eating schedule. If you get less sleep than what your body needs, what it produces is a hormone known as ghrelin. What this hormone does is stimulates hunger while reducing the production of leptin, which is known appetite suppressor.

What sleep deprivation does is affects appetite along with energy metabolism, which in turn contributes to weight gain. What failing to control appetite, while not getting enough sleep, can do is lead to obesity.

4. Causes Moodiness

What sleep deprivation does is disturbs moodiness, as what it does is alters the neurotransmitters in the brain, which is one of the key causes of depression. What extreme moodiness can also do is impact the ability to fall asleep.


Those diagnosed with moodiness disorders usually gets less than 6 hours of sleep nightly. Insomnia is also one of the first symptoms of those who are depressed. So if you have extreme mood swings, along with having trouble sleeping, it can become a “Catch 22” situation, and medical help should be sought.