Track Santa Claus This Christmas Eve 2007 In Real Time Using NORAD

This Christmas 2007, you and your kids will be able to track the exact path Santa Claus takes on Google Maps and NORAD, as he and his reindeer make their way around the world this Christmas Eve. This joint partnership with NORAD, which is the North American Aerospace Defense Command, has been helping big and little kids track Santa Claus for over 50 years now. You will also have additional ways to track Santa Claus using a variety of Google tools. This includes Google Earth, Google Maps, YouTube and iGoogle.

Beginning on December 1, 2007 and right through until Christmas Eve, you will be able to join in on the Santa countdown. Visit Santa NORAD at, the site will host games and activities for kids of all ages, every day right until Christmas Eve. And beginning at 1AM on December 24,2007, you will be able to track Santa Claus’s trek in real time. You will also need to download a special ‘Santa Tracking’ application for greater, enhanced 3D Santa tracking for Christmas Eve.

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